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Halloween Countdown Printable

YAY for Halloween, right?! In our house, October is when the holiday madness (and fun) begins. And we kick it all off with Halloween. I created this Halloween countdown printable as a fun way for the whole family to get excited about the spookiest day of the year. Halloween Countdown Printable To use, print out …

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DIY Power Rangers Costume

If I can make this no-sew DIY Power Ranger costume, anyone can. Seriously. It’s made with tape. I am mostly not the kind of person who makes her kids’ Halloween costumes. In theory, I’d love to. Homemade costumes are cute, they fit better, they’re unique…homemade Halloween costumes are awesome! But you know those costumes you …

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Inside Out Printable Bingo Game

Ahhh, toddlers. The little kings and queens of living in the moment and feeling their emotions. All the things we strive to do as adults and want for our children, but perhaps? Just a little more quietly. A little less disruptively. A little less toddler-like. I want to validate my child’s feelings and let her know I take …

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