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Easy DIY Dipped Glitter Pumpkins

Easy DIY Dipped Glitter Pumpkins

Hello there, pumpkin! I think you’re going to have so much fun with these cute, cheap, and simple DIY Dipped Glitter Pumpkins. It is really easy to customize them to your own personal style, and this is a decoration you can leave up for all of fall (and maybe even into Christmas season, depending on what colors you choose).

DIY Dipped Glitter Pumpkins

This craft is something you can do in an hour. It’s kid-friendly, too! You can use real pumpkins (I bought a bunch of little white pumpkins at Trader Joe’s the other day for only $.69 each), but I chose to use some little plastic ones that I picked up on Amazon so I can have them for years to come. 

Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum

I chose to use a teal chalk paint for this craft. You can use any colors you’d like. I won’t tell you how long I stood in the paint section at Michael’s trying to decide if I should use teal for them all, or instead go for a cute bright pink, orange, and black theme. I went with teal and rose gold glitter. No matter what color you choose, make sure you have enough. I recommend at least 8 ounces. You want to be able to full up a bowl deep enough to actually dip the pumpkins in!

If you’ve recently painted a room in the house, this is a great way to use up some of the leftover paint. What a cute way to tie in some seasonal decor – pumpkins that match the walls!

I also really had to think about whether or not I wanted to go with glitter for these. Glitter is always fun but also always a mess, and sometimes I just need to leave well enough alone. However, I ended up going with the glitter and I don’t regret it.

Paint Dipping Tips

I grabbed a plastic bowl from Michaels that I can reuse, and I poured pretty much all of the paint into this bowl. The more paint and the deeper the bowl, the easier it will be to dip the pumpkins. This is also one of the reasons I went with one color, rather than several – it was just simpler, and I am a lazy crafter.

You can see a few spots that were missed in this picture.

Once you dip your pumpkin, you may have to wiggle it around a bit to get it covered in paint. Hold it over the paint bowl and let any excess drip off before setting upright to dry. I used a paintbrush to fill in any spots that were missed when I dipped.

Because some of the pumpkins had little holes where the stems were attached, some air bubbles did form as the paint dried. I just kept an eye on them and popped as necessary.

Glitter Tips

There’s not much to say about the glitter except start sparingly (you can always add more!) and good luck not making a mess! I used a very fine champagne-colored glitter, very lightly at first and then adding more until it felt right. Once they dry, you can shake off the excess.

While I used teal paint and champagne glitter, you can get crazy with your color combos! This particular color, champagne, will look beautiful paired with almost any color.

Paint Color and Glitter Color Combo Ideas

Here are a few color combos that I think would be super fun:

  • Neon pink paint and black glitter
  • Orange paint and black glitter
  • Black paint and gold, pink, purple, silver, or orange glitter
  • Black paint and black glitter
  • Soft pink paint and rose gold or soft pink glitter

Tools you’ll need: Newspapers, old towels, or paper towels to cover anything you don’t want covered in glitter and/or paint! You can also use this surface for drying your pumpkins.

Any paint will do. However, I recommend having at least 8 ounces on hand so you can fill your bowl deep enough to actually dip!

How to make these dipped glitter pumpkins:

  1. Pour paint into your paint bowl.
  2. Dip pumpkins halfway into the paint (it may be a little less than halfway, as you don’t want to dip your fingers). Wiggle the pumpkin around to make sure the paint covers the surface.
  3. Let excess paint drip off before turning upright to dry.Use a paintbrush or even a cotton swab to fill in any places that the paint doesn’t reach.
  4. While the pumpkins are still wet, apply your glitter. Start with a small amount and add more as you see fit. You will probably need to move the pumpkin around to get the glitter all over the stem.
  5. Keep an eye out for any air bubbles that pop up while the paint is drying. You can pop them with a toothpick.
  6. Let dry completely, then shake off excess glitter.Put them everywhere and enjoy!

Looking for more pumpkins? Check out this cute pumpkin coloring page and this pink and teal pumpkin stationery!


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