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Printable Reading Log for Kids: Summer Reading

Printable Reading Log for Kids: Summer Reading

Something very exciting happened last week. My seven-year-old buried his nose in a book and did not come up for air until he’d read the whole thing. As a book lover and certified Child Bookworm, this makes me so happy. To keep the momentum rolling, my mom bought him the next five books in the series. And to keep it going through the summer, I made a printable reading log to encourage kids to keep reading during the summer.

Printable Summer Reading Log for Kids

I’ll probably also bribe my kids with a trip to the frozen yogurt shop for every completed list (or maybe every two lists…turns out my oldest can read faster than I thought!). At the bottom of the list I made a cute little place for the kids to record their favorite book from the list and why they chose it. I think this is fun for the kids (and I like to see what they have to say, too!).

Book Suggestions for Little Kids

Need some new book ideas for the kids? You can follow my children’s books Pinterest board here. You can also find a great list of books for kids who love horses here, and fun beach-themed books here. When summer winds down, check out these great back-to-school books. I’ve also got a collection of books about elections and American’s history (all politically neutral and kid-friendly) here. And babies can get in on the fun with these board books that babies will actually be interested in!

The book I mentioned earlier, that my son was reading, was Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, in case you’ve got a seven-year-old looking for something to read!

I also have a list of book recommendations for second grade boys here.

Printable Reading Log

Book Suggestions for Middle Grades

When I originally wrote this post, my kids were 7 and 5. I’m currently updating this as they’re 11 and almost 9, and we’ve got some new favorites to add. These days, graphic novels are all the rage. Both kids are obsessed with the Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales series. The Lafayette book in particular has been read over and over again.

Other favorite series have been Big Nate the Great and the Percy Jackson series (Percy Jackson being appropriate for readers a little bit older…my fifth grader has read them all!).

You can download your own printable reading log for summer below. If you have any trouble with the files, shoot me an email and I’ll send it you.

If you use this printable, I’d love to see it! You can share on FB or IG and tag me at @carrieelleblog.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite summer reading suggestions for kids!

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So smart and cute! Thanks for sharing at the Monday Funday Link Party. – Emily

Hello! I came across your pin on Pintrest and in reading it I LOVE it. I am going to use your printable reading log for my daughter, and the bookmarks as well. I was wondering if I can include a link to this post on my blog for an upcoming post I’m writing for my summer storytime series? Thanks for the consideration.

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