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Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

When I was a kid, I loved the Care Bears. I vividly remember my parents taking me and my brother to Toys-R-Us to pick out our first Care Bears. I chose Tender Heart (because he was the leader), and my brother chose Grumpy Bear. 

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeNot long after we got them, we took a trip to Oregon. We held them on our laps as the plane took off, excitedly hoping we might see Care-A-Lot as we flew through the clouds. 

We didn’t see Care-A-Lot (booooo), but we did have those bears for years. And today, a few decades later, my own kids are watching the Care Bears on Netflix.

I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, which means I’m a Netflix ambassador and get to share all of my binge watching experiences and television obsessions with you, so you can binge watch, too. Today I’m sharing this easy no-sew Care Bear costume that you can make for your own little Care Bear!

Easy No-Sew Care Bear Costume

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This Grumpy Bear costume was really Claire’s idea. And I think she nailed it. She’s the perfect Grumpy Bear! She’s been watching the Care Bears on Netflix pretty much non-stop lately, which made this even more fun.

Here’s what you need to make your own no-sew Care Bears costume:

Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

  • Footed pajamas – I bought the PJs at – they had these cute blue chenille PJs with a hood, which are perfect for a Grumpy Bear! Side note on the PJs: they did run small.
  • OR, instead of PJs, use a solid-colored shirt and pants. I found blue solid shirts and pants in the boys’ section at Walmart for only a few dollars apiece (either way, you’ll be able to reuse these when you’re done with the costume).
    • If you’re using a shirt without a hood, pick up a headband to use for the ears!
  • 1/4 yard (or even less) of a similar-colored fabric for the ears and tails (I ended up cutting the feet off the PJs for these pieces…more on that later)
  • White felt or fleece fabric, about 12″x12″, depending on the size of your bear’s belly badge (I found mine on clearance at Walmart)
  • Fabric glue
  • 3D fabric paints in red and blue
  • Pencil and scissors
  • Velcro (the kind with the sticky backing is easiest)
  • Boots (optional – but certainly appropriate for a Grumpy Bear!)
  • Face paint (blue for nose and freckles)

To make the trick-or-treat candy bag, you will need:

Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

Let’s get started!

You’ll want to make the belly badge first, as this will take some time to dry. I grabbed my felt, traced a circle with a dinner plate, and cut it out. Using a pencil, I sketched out a cloud, the raindrops, and hearts we see on Grumpy Bear’s belly. Once you have the sketch, start filling it in with the puffy paints (tip: outline the cloud and then squirt a fair amount in the middle of the cloud and use a paintbrush to spread it out – it’s much quicker that way!).

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeImportant note: be sure to put a few sheets of paper below the felt before you start painting – depending on your fabric, it will likely bleed through.

While you’re using the paints, you can paint a red heart on the bottom.

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeGive the belly badge and heart 24 full hours to dry if you are using 3D fabric paints.

Once the belly badge is dry, cut your velcro into squares. You’ll use six pieces to affix the belly badge to the PJs. 

Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeThe PJs I ordered ran really small, so I ended up cutting the feet off to make the tail and ears. I cut off the toes, pinched the bottom together, and glued secure with the fabric glue. I let them dry for a few minutes and then glued to the hood. If you are using regular fabric (instead of the toes of your PJs!), cut a half circle, pinch the bottom corners together and glue, and glue to the hoodie.

Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeI cut off a heel, bunched it up. and applied some glue to help it maintain a tail-like shape. I let it dry, then glued it to the bottom. If you are using regular fabric (instead of cutting off the feet!) follow the same steps you used to make the ears, only with a larger piece of fabric (you might also fold it over to make it stand up a little better).

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeThat’s it, you guys!

Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeNow, to make the cloud-inspired trick-or-treat bag.

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeGrab your paper gift bag and modpodge. With a paint brush or sponge, cover one side of the bag in the Mod Podge. Stick cotton balls all over the bag until you have a cloud. Let it set, then do the other side.

Cut your rainbow ribbon to match the length of the handles. Apply a line of fabric glue to the handles, then stick the ribbon to the glue. SUPER easy, and so cute.

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeBefore trick-or-treating, use some blue face paint to paint a cute little heart on your bear’s nose (I swirled my blue with some white first). Add some freckles, and there you have it – an easy, no-sew Care Bear costume.

Easy No-Sew Care Bears Costume

Easy No-Sew Care Bears CostumeWhat is your little one going to be this Halloween? Does your little love Care Bears?

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Man so cute!! I used to love care bears when I was little. Love seeing them come back.

So cute!! She is adorable!

how very cute , love that it is no sew. Will be the hit of the party with a cute little bear cub
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This is so clever and cute! Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday! Pinning!

OMG, so cute! So happy Care Bears have come back into the toy rotation.

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