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DIY Party Favors: Star Wars Crayons

DIY Party Favors: Star Wars Crayons

I have a big collection of Star Wars molds, and I have literally been staring at them almost every day for the last six months without once making something out of them. So last week, I decided that THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE WEEK. I was going to make something awesome with those Star Wars molds, NO. MATTER. WHAT.

And I totally did! We made ice (boring, but not when you’re filling your cup of ice water with Darth Vader’s ice head), soap, and crayons. I think the crayons would be *perfect* DIY party favors (the best kind, because the kids can make them as a party activity and then take them home for a favor).

Star Wars Crayons

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This was incredibly easy to do, and it gave us a chance to do something with all of the broken crayons in our crayon box (and we have a ton of broken crayons!).

Broken CrayonsHere’s what you need to make these:

  • These Star Wars molds (which are SO FUN and versatile)
  • Crayons (use your broken ones or pick up some inexpensive ones here)

X Wing Crayons

Peel the wrappers and break the crayons up into little pieces. Place the pieces in the molds. Put your molds on a cookie sheet and stick in the oven (250 degrees for about 10-15 minutes). You can let them cool on their own or put them in the freezer or fridge to cool faster (they’ll harden up right away if you do this!).

Push out of the mold (carefully, especially if you are using this particular X-Wing Starfighter mold, as the wings can break).

star wars crayons

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The kids were seriously SO excited about these. They were excited to peel the crayons (well…for ten minutes, maybe), they were excited to stuff them into the molds, and they were *super* excited to see them pop out as little X-Wing crayons. 

may the forceI think this would be a really fun and simple DIY party favor idea…but I also think it’s just something fun to do with the kids (especially if you can get them to peel the labels for you).

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GREAT minds! I’m making these for Emy’s party – looking for palace pet molds though!

Were you able to find any??

Hi there, I just made some of these and can not seem to get them out of the mold without breaking. Do you have any suggestions to keep this from happening or getting them out of the molds easier. TIA

I am trying to make these for my son’s birthday party and I am wondering how you got the crayon residue cleaned out of the molds in between batches?

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