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27 Uses for Scrapbook Paper

27 Uses for Scrapbook Paper

Back in the old days (basically, the “old days” = pre-kids), I used to scrapbook. A lot. Today I use a Memory Planner, but I have maintained my obsession and compulsive buying habits when it comes to scrapbook paper. I don’t even want to tell you how many pieces of scrapbook paper I have around my house, because it would be embarrassing. So…what’s one to do with it all? I’ve compiled a list of uses for scrapbook paper that I think any paper hoarder will appreciate.

If you’re like me, you’ll see this list and get a bunch of ideas and feel the need to buy even MORE scrapbook paper. You have my blessing.

27 Uses for Scrapbook Paper

Make this cute Scrapbook Paper Easter Egg.

Use scrapbook paper to make planner stickers.

How to Use a Memory Planner

Decorate the house! These 42 DIY decorating ideas are SO CUTE. 

Make your own greeting cards!

Turn scrapbook paper into envelopes and then use these printable cash envelope labels to create your own cash envelope system.

rintable DIY Cash Envelopes

Make a paper vase

Make a decorative notebook

Super cute monograms for the walls

This Lunchbag Photo Album is so cute…and would be such a fun Mother’s Day or grandparents gift!

Get the kids involved with these scrapbook paper turkeys for Thanksgiving. 

Custom Wall Art – perfect for a playroom or child’s room!

Photo backdrops for your blog – I love using scrapbook paper as backgrounds/props for my blog photos ( used some scrapbook paper to create the backdrop you see below)

Photo props for IG – small business owners will love this trick. Colorful scrapbook paper makes for cute backgrounds and simple photo props! 

Make your own Christmas ornaments

DIY gift bags

Make these fun paper fireworks for the kids (or for cute decor)

These DIY geometric bowls are so cute!

Gorgeous paper flowers!

Dress up your picture frames

Make your own magnets (these would be a fun party favor)

Get fancy with these cute plates (yes, plates!)

Make your own custom phone case (I’m going to do this one!)

Make these cute coasters! (fun gift idea)

Decoupage something

Gift tags (Christmas is coming, you guys!)

Make a gift card envelope

Make really fabulous candle votives

Make some cute paper leaves


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Seriously…I used to scrapbook too! Lila (my 5 year old) has an awesome scrapbook through THREE MONTHS…sigh. Great awesome post! Pinning!

Fabulous ideas!! It seems there’s always a use for school projects, science fair projects (the display board), etc.

I scrapbooked in the old days too, and all the way up to when I started blogging. That’s when scrapbooking stopped! I do still have tons of paper. It’s just so pretty; I can’t part with it.

I, too, have way too much scrapbook paper, and appreciate these ideas.

Great ideas..especially the wall monogram and the envelopes! I will have to look at more ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

I too have an embarrassing amount of paper in my crafty stash so this list is full of great ideas for me! Thanks
The problem I find is that it is just so pretty, it calls to me in the shops – “buy me, buy me, you could make lovely things with me….!”

Love this and I’m really going to try out some of these ideas. I am the same as you too many papers, too much temptation to buy more things, too much time on the computer so I went over to digital. Dropping in from SITS

What great idea. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!!

Awesome list! I have way too much scrapbook paper sitting around!

These are great ideas, and I’m going to try making my own envelopes 🙂

These are all great ways to use scrapbook paper! Great ideas!

I just today acquired a giant stash of scrapbook paper. The nonprofit organisation where I volunteer two mornings a week got the paper and its super useful hanging file storage box as part of a donation. Their craft supply cabinet was already bulging so I scored! Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with my treasure trove since I don’t intend to start scrapbooking. Thanks for these tips.

Funny sidelight: Among the donated toys, books, games and craft items was a booklet entitled “How to Raise Ferrets”. We all agreed that we already have enough tiny, high energy, mischievous little beings scampering around the premises without adding ferrets to the mixture.

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