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Printable DIY Cash Envelope System

Printable DIY Cash Envelope System

Many of you already know this, but in case you don’t…I love me some budgeting! OK, I don’t love the actual budgeting part, because it is kind of a pain. And I don’t like the part where I don’t get to spend my money on what I want, when I want. But the results of budgeting (a debt-free life, for example)? 

Printable DIY Cash Envelopes

Totally worth it.

We use cash envelopes to keep our budget on-track. You can read more about how to use cash envelopes here. And you can buy your own cash envelopes, our super popular Spend Well Budgeting System, here

But you can also make your own with this printable DIY cash envelope system!

Printable DIY Cash Envelope System

Printable DIY Cash Envelope System

But first…here are some budgeting resources for you:

OK, hopefully those budgeting resources might come in handy.

rintable DIY Cash Envelopes


Now on the goods.

You can make your own cash envelope system with these cute printables!

Here’s what you need to make yours:

  • Envelopes (any will do, but ideally you should be able to fit your bills into the envelope without having to fold them – the envelopes in these pictures are size #6 3/4)
  • Sticker paper (full-sheet labels work great, and you can get them at Walmart or Target!)
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Cash envelope downloads (at the bottom of this post)

rintable DIY Cash Envelopes

Here’s how to DIY your cash envelopes.

It really is so simple.

Determine how many cash categories you’re going to have (some examples would be food, clothing, pets, your own spending money, entertainment, travel, anything you’re saving up for). Grab an envelope for each category.

Print out your labels on the sticker paper, cut them out, and stick to the back of your envelopes.

As you fill your envelopes with cash, or remove cash from them, be sure to track every transaction on the label. Once you’ve filled it up, simply put another one on top of it and keep going.

rintable DIY Cash Envelopes

It’s so easy to get started…but wait until you see how great the rewards are you reap! 

There are 12 cute prints available – I hope you love them all! 

You can download them below by clicking on the black and white “click here to download” button, or by clicking here. If you have any problems please email me and I’ll send them to you!

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Hi Carrie,
Pinning, That was a great idea and a lot of inspiration thanks.

Thanks for the free printable! The shipping to Australia is a bit high for me at this point so freebies are always welcome

Thank you so very much for sharing your great way to make cash envelopes. Sounds much better than actually buying designer papers from a crafting store. You are saving us on budgets money. I really appreciate you a lot. If you are on YouTube I am going to go over there and watch some of your videos. Have a great week and take care.

I can’t find the download link. anytime I click it just takes me back to this page.

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Hi Carrie,

I really like all your information. I’ve become a divorced single mom and trying to get finances situated has been difficult but your information has given me hope. Thank you. Can we order the spend well envelope binder that is shown, I really like it?

Thanks again,

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