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Laundry Room Printable

My laundry room is tiny. This is unfortunate since I seemingly spend hours of every day tucked away inside this little space. Washing, switching, folding, hanging, putting away. It’s kind of a non-stop affair around here. Honestly, I don’t really mind doing laundry. I know. WHAT. Part of the reason is because I know it could …

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Washi Tape Storage Ideas

Washi tape is one of those things I can’t stop buying. Like scrapbook paper. And buttons. And books. And pens. And stickers. Kind of like all of those things.   Unlike books, or stickers, or pens, though…washi can be a little trickier to store. I want it out where I can see it so I …

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Tips for Freezing Vegetables

Recently, I’ve made some really positive changes to my diet. I am eating lots of vegetables each day, which means I’m buying lots of vegetables, too…and I’m making a huge effort to make sure I actually eat them all and don’t throw any away.  This means I need to make sure I store my veggies …

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