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Laundry Room Printable

Laundry Room Printable

My laundry room is tiny. This is unfortunate since I seemingly spend hours of every day tucked away inside this little space. Washing, switching, folding, hanging, putting away. It’s kind of a non-stop affair around here.

Honestly, I don’t really mind doing laundry.

I know.


Part of the reason is because I know it could be worse (DISHES – I am talking to you). But I also think I’ve found a few laundry room accessories that make laundry a lot less than miserable, despite the small space. Maybe even a little bit…fun?

Laundry Room PrintablesHere are 5 laundry room accessories you need.

1. Cute laundry room printables. Seriously, you guys…cute wall art helps! I made these printables because A) every day I’m laundering, and B) they’re cute. And they’re free. You can download them at the bottom of this post!

2. The right detergent. 

3. A lint bin. When I get around to redoing the laundry room, I’ll be installing a cute little lint bin on the wall next to the dryer. Not only will this be more fun to look at, but it will also save me some space. In our tiny laundry room, even a little trash can gets in the way.

4. Dryer balls. I’ll add some essential oils and toss them in the dryer, and when my laundry is done I take out the softest, sweetest-smelling laundry you can imagine! They also look adorable in a basket on the dryer.

5. Two laundry baskets. One for light clothes, one for dark clothes. In theory, everyone in the family puts their dirty clothes in the correct basket to make my life easier.

In theory.

In real life, HAHAHAHA! But at least I have them, just in case someone wants to start using them.

You can download your free laundry room printables here! Just click on the picture of the one you would like to download, or click one of the links below.

Free Laundry Room Printable

cute laundry quote


My laundry room might be small, but it’s functional! I’d love to hear about your favorite laundry room accessories below.


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I loved the printables! I’ll be printing them out just as soon as we get some ink.

Those printables are soooo cute! Wish I had a laundry room to put them in, but my washer and dryer are just pushed into a whole in my back hall. That sounds so much worse than it is. LOL

I thought I was the only one who enjoyed laundry! People think I’m nuts! And the printabales make it even better.

I LOVE adding lavender essential oils to our dryer balls…esp sheets! Thanks for the downloads!

Where did you get that white frame? I am painting my laundry room yellow…I need this sign. THANK YOU!!!

I ADORE these printables! For what ever reason I am unable to get the images to download. Has anyone else had issues?

Your laundry room looks lovely! No wonder if you like to do the laundry… atmosphere is so positive and fresh… I find the printable great! I think that I need some motivation when it comes to cleaning and doing the laundry… so I will definitely use them! Thank you for sharing!

I just moved into a new house that has a laundry room! Yay! I’m wondering where you got a lint bin? Also, I love the free printable I will be using those! Another way to make your laundry room pop is to use shelf liners on your machines that have pretty patterns and colors.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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