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Celebrate the Release of Star Wars Rebels with this DIY Stormtrooper Costume

Celebrate the Release of Star Wars Rebels with this DIY Stormtrooper Costume

Right after I met my husband (he was living in Texas, and I in California), he called and told me he got a tattoo. A Star Wars tattoo. Ummm…ummmm…okay?

Star Wars Rebels #shop

What a surprise to come home to after a busy week of Kindergarten!

Don’t worry, he assured me. It’s not nerdy. It’s the imperial symbol! 

Fast-forward 14 years…and guess what I’ve learned? Star Wars Obessessions are genetic: my kid is obsessed with Star Wars. Not just a little bit obsessed, either. I am talking full-blown, sings-himself-the-theme-song-as-he-falls-asleep-at-night obsessed. We live Star Wars all day, everyday…and I am a fan now, too. So basically, I’ve known about the Star Wars Rebels movie (and the show that will follow) for months now, and we have quite literally been counting down the days to the release.

Quite. Literally.

So, you can bet I was at Walmart bright and early on October 3rd to pick up our own copy of Star Wars Rebels – Spark of Rebellion just hours after the store had stocked it. I had big plans in store for Jack, and I wanted to surprise him with the movie…and a little something extra, too. With Halloween coming up, I decided I’d make him his very own Stormtrooper costume based on the Stormtroopers in Star Wars Rebels. It was a smashing success!

DIY Stormtrooper #shop

I know, I know, I know…Stormtroopers don’t use light sabers! Jack was sure to tell me this, too. So he pretended he stole it from the Jedi.

If you’ve watched Star Wars before (and not just one of them…I am talking the old movies, the new movies, the Clone Wars, Star Wars Legos and now Star Wars Rebels), you know that the Stormtroopers all have a slightly different vibe with each show. Luckily for me, the newest ones have pretty simple costumes.

While at Walmart, I also picked up the following supplies for the costume:

Stormtrooper #shop

I know…it’s not the correct helmet for this show. But like I told Jack…just pretend it’s the right one.

Here’s how I made it (so easy, you guys…no sewing!).

Stormtrooper Costume Step 1 #shop

1. Lay a black piece of tape against the collar.

2. Fold it over. Be sure to leave the back open – the tape doesn’t stretch, and you’ll need to be able to pull this on over your kid’s head! I would actually just do the front half next time…and then tape the back half once it’s on your child.

Stormtrooper costume step 2 #shop

3. Lay a piece of tape around the elbow area. With tape, you don’t want to pull it tight because it doesn’t have any give, so be sure to lay it flat, and then…

4. Tape around the entire elbow. 

Stormtrooper costume step 3 #shop

5. As you probably know, Stormtroopers have armor around their crotches. I couldn’t figure out how to do this without making it look like my kid had on underwear outside of his pants. So I just worked around it using the extra length of the shirt. I taped around the sides of the lower half of the shirt and this worked better than I had expected!

6. Use a fabric marker or a permanent pen to draw a black line around where the sleeve is stitched to the shirt.

7. Stormtroopers have belts (or, belt-ish things around their waists). I used two pieces of glow-in-the-dark duct tape wrapped around the shirt to make a belt. BONUS: it glows in the dark.

Stormtrooper costume steps 4

8. Add two diagnol pieces of tape for some definition in the chest “armor.”

9. For the pants, I just used a pair of black leggings and the sleeves from the second white shirt. Cut the sleeves off right where they are stitched to the shirt and pull them over the pant legs.

10. Use a piece of the black tape to adhere the sleeves to the pants (you can do this after the pants are on your child to make it a little bit easier to pull them on).

Stormtrooper DIY Gloves #shop

This glove picture looks kinda creepy, but I had to show you how simple it was to make them!

11. The gloves were SO easy! Just cut off the tips of a pair of white socks and cute a tiny hole for the thumb, and pull them over the gloves. 

The final result? A huge hit!

Stormtrooper DIY #shop

Stormtrooper Kid #shop

Lightsaber #shop

Stormtrooper no-sew costume #shop

Do yo have any Star Wars crazy kids (or, ahem, adults) in your household?


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That is so cool and inexpensive. Love the step by step that is easy to follow so I can make it for my son.

I love it! So practical and simple to make! (And you aren’t spending a ton of money on an outfit that will only be worn one night!!!)

Oh. Em. Gee. I love this! You are the coolest mom EVER! #client

Crazy cute! And I think we’ve watched the movie at least 5 times this week already!

My boys and I watched Star Wars Rebel on TV this week and loved it! I didn’t know they had a DVD already, I’m going to have to get this for my boys! They love all things Star Wars. I love your DIY costume too!

I grew up on Star Wars and can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to get into it. You always have the best DIY costumes. Pinning for later. Random aside: my husband has never seen any of the Star Wars movies and refuses to do so.

I love your new sew costumes. So clever and easy!

Such a cute outfit and looks easy to recreate. This would be perfect for halloween too!

This is awesome!!! My hubby is a high Star Wars fan and I know that he has high hopes for our 1 year old little guy to also be a huge Star Wars fan. I am pinning this for future use! I love that I do not need to sew as well. Thank you for sharing at The Pin Junkies Blogiversary!!!


Great costume! Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!!

What a great costume! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Star Wars!

Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

hi there! First of all, your kiddo is adorable! Such a cute storm trooper haha 2nd of all, thanks so much for the diy help! I am a 5th grade stem teacher (science, technology, engineering, math) and am planning on using this info to make my costume. I already found a mask for 10$ at Barnes & Noble so at least I don’t have to make that part. 🙂

What does the back look like

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