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Dallas: Open House at TLC Schools

Dallas: Open House at TLC Schools

I received a thank-you item for sharing info about TLC Schools in the Dallas area. I have toured the facility at Hedgcoxe in Plano. All opinions are my own.

We all want the best in child care when it’s time to put our kids in daycare or pre-school. Choosing a school is tough, and it was something we put a lot of time and energy into when enrolling our own kids in pre-school. It was important to me to see the school before enrolling the child, and to talk with parents of other students. I also wanted the chance to meet the teachers who would be working with my kids.

If you’re in the Dallas area, you know that you have a gazillion daycares and pre-schools to choose from. On Thursday, October 16th, TLC Schools on Hedgcoxe is hosting an Open House, and you’re invited! The Plano location on Democracy is also hosting an Open House on the 23rd. 

TLC Schools PlanoI don’t have a child in school at TLC, so I can’t speak from that perspective. What I have done, though, is toured the facility and met with the directors. I want to share some photos and information from my tour (I was really impressed, by the way!). I’ll also share a few tidbits that seemed important to me. I encourage you to visit one of the Open Houses or schedule a tour to check it out for yoursself!

The first thing I noticed was that the school (which provides care for infants through kindergartners) was clean, bright, and inviting for children (a Merry-go-Round in the playroom!).

We started off by visiting the infant room (BABIES!). Parents pay for a diaper service, which means they don’t have to worry about late-night diaper runs when they realize they don’t have enough diapers for school the next day (been there, done that!). The infant room is staffed with a baby to caretaker ration of 4:1. When we visited, the babies were being rotated through tummy time, feeding, and time in a bouncy chair. Parents have access to their baby’s monthly calendar and receive daily reports (when they’re little, you need to know when they eat, sleep, and poop!). Most importantly, parents can check in at any time and watch their children on video from wherever they are at.

Also? They have carseat parking, so you don’t have to take a sleeping baby out of their carseat to bring them into the school and then lug the seat back to your car.

TLC Car Seat ParkingTLC Schools offer more than childcare, though. All classes follow a structured curriculum that helps students maximize their potential. In fact, TLC Schools were voted Best in Child Care by LIVING Magazine 2014.

I found the classrooms to be clean, engaging, and full of educational fun! The school was having a door decorating contest while we were there. There were *lots* of cute doors, but I think guy was my favorite.

TLC Schools Minion DoorI also *loved* this T-Rex wearing pajamas!

TLC Schools DinosaurPlaygrounds are age-appropriate and fenced in, so you won’t have toddlers mixing with the kindergartners at recess! The Hedgcoxe campus also has a swimming pool and a trike track for added fun! I also really loved that the toddler playground was covered, so kids would be able to use quite a bit throughout the year.

TLC Schools PlaygroundTuition prices vary, based on the age of the child and the number of siblings. There are even discounts for some local businesses. Prices are subject to change and are different for each class, but looking at the price sheet, it appears that the montly cost falls between $850-$1,200, depending on your child’s age.

TLC Outdoor Playground

You can find more info about TLC Schools in Plano here:

And don’t forget to attend the Open House! 🙂


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