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Free Monthly Budget Printable for Kids

Free Monthly Budget Printable for Kids

As my kids have gotten older we’ve really been honest with them about money – about how much we have, how much things cost, etc. We want them to understand the value of money and take it seriously. They’re at an age now where they can start handling their own finances and budget, with some help. So I put together this easy to use free monthly budget printable for kids to help them track their incoming money, their expenses, and the stuff they’re saving for (like a bearded dragon!).

Free Monthly Budget Printable for Kids

Here are some other budgeting resources that might be helpful for your kids as they start learning how to budget:

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When can kids start learning to budget?

Kids can start learning to budget as soon as you are able to teach them! One of the reasons we give our kids an allowance is specifically for this reason – they are responsible for spending and/or saving their own money, and I believe this teaches them the value of a dollar (both kids are notorious for experiencing buyer’s remorse – and I think this is a GOOD lesson to learn as a child!).

How much allowance should I give my child?

This totally depends on your situation, your child, and what you feel is appropriate. I once a saw a formula that recommended paying between .50-1.00 for each year they’ve been alive per week. We went with .75. So it looks like this for my 10-year-old:

(.75 x 10)x4 = $30/month

And like this for my 7-year old:

(.75×7)x4 = $21/month

She’s pretty mad she gets less than her brother but I told her we would stop paying allowance when they turn 18, and Jack will turn 18 before her so it will all even out. 

I don’t set restrictions on how they have to spend or save their money. Some people have their kids split their earnings up into savings, charity, spending, college. That is, again, a personal choice. I will say that even without requiring them to give, both kids do. For the last couple years, Jack has sent money to the US Air Force Museum without any prompting. 

Free Monthly Budget Printable Worksheet for Kids

How do I use this budgeting printable?

I tried to keep this budgeting form as simple and straight-forward as possible. Kids write down what comes in each month and what goes out each month. There is a small box at the bottom to record any leftover money, and also a place to write down any goals they have. They migh use this space for something specific, like “save $10,” or something they are working towards more long-term (Claire wrote “bearded dragon” because she wants to save for one). 

Print off one for each month. If money coming in/going out is few and far between, you can use this sheet for an entire quarter or as long as it will last. If they run out of room, have them write on the back or print out another sheet. 

It also comes with a cute cover page if they want to make their own budgeting binder!

Download by clicking the black and white “Download” button below. If you have any trouble downloading, email me and I will send you the files.

Free Monthly Budget Printable Worksheet for Kids

If you’re here because you’re new to budgeting or want to reapply yourself to your budget, check out these helpful budgeting posts:


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Hi Carrie Elle!
Nice to meet you! It is great to have this website.


Hi. I was just wondering, where do I print this off? I could not find a link.

I can’t download the kids budget printable

Hi Carrie,

Good job. Thanks.


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I am trying to download the kids budget printable but it will not let me. Is there anyway you can send me a link?

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How can I print the budgeting worksheet?

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