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Pinners Promo Code (and Plan Your Trip to Pinners Conference)

Pinners Promo Code (and Plan Your Trip to Pinners Conference)

Welcome, Pinners newbies! THIS IS FOR YOU. 🙂 I am excited to announce that this year I am BACK and teaching at Pinners again. But in case you’re still wondering what Pinners is…I’ll start there.

You can get tickets here. Use code CARRIE for $5 off!

The Pinners Conference & Expo is a crafting and lifestyle extravaganza. Imagine all of your favorite things from Pinterest (crafts! recipes! planning and organizing!) coming to life before your very eyes through classes run by the same content creators putting the content out to begin with. Bloggers, authors, brand leaders…they all come to Pinners to teach classes about their specialties.

And there’s shopping.

Carrie Elle Pinners

So. Much. Shopping.

Shopping for days.

This year, I won’t have a booth. But I will be teaching a vision board class and I hope you’ll come join me! You can get tickets here. Use code CARRIE for $5 off!

Carrie Elle Pinners

Here’s what I’m teaching – sign up now because classes fill up early (more on that below!).

  • Fort Worth, TX (September 22-23, 2023)
    • FRIDAY at 11:00AM “Make Anything Happen! Create Your Own Vision Board”
    • SATURDAY at 10:00AM “American Flag Night Sky Painting” (this class will benefit the Texas Therapeutic Riding Program)

Carrie Elle Pinners

Now on to all the things you need to know before you plan your visit! I’ll do this FAQ style. I asked my friends, who have attended Pinners, to fill me in on all the details a newbie would need to know (I am usually presenting and we have a booth, so we don’t get to spend as much time enjoying the conference as I’d like!).

Which tickets should I get?

If you just want to shop, buy a General Admission ticket.

If you want to take one or two classes, get the One Day Expo. 2 Classes Ticket. If you want to attend unlimited classes, choose the 1 day or 2 day unlimited class tickets. These will get you into as many classes as you’d like.

Carrie Elle Pinners

VIP tickets get you the two-day all access pass plus the VIP party, no lines for your classes, and access to a VIP rest area.

You can buy tickets here.

How many classes should I plan on attending?

If you get the all access tickets, attend as many as you can! My friends Lisa and Corrine bought the two-day, all class passes and they had some sage advice – leave a spot open to eat and rest. You don’t have a ton of time between classes,  and the expo centers are big and spread out. You’ll want to give yourself time to eat and shop during the day, so be sure to choose a time slot to do that.

Carrie Elle Pinners

How much money should I bring?

All of it.

Just kidding! Kind of.

What kind of vendors will be in attendance?

Handmade crafts, home decor, beauty, craft supplies, clothing. Our booth sells planners and planning products.

Do I have to pay the class kit fees?

Nope! If you have the all class pass, you can sit in on every class. The kit fees, however, provide you with class materials (if it’s a crafting class, for example, you’ll want to pay the fee to get the craft supplies you need to make the craft – if it’s one of my classe, you’ll get super awesome planner stuff).

In my experience, most people buy the kits – but you absolutely do not have to.

What should I wear?

Something comfy – and especially comfy shoes!

Carrie Elle Pinners

Also, bring a big bag for things you buy. You might need to make a couple runs out to the car to drop stuff off so you aren’t carrying it around all day. The floor gets really crowded…a wagon or cart will be hard to pull around.

Can I sign up for classes at the conference?

Yes, but they often sell out and you could end up on a waitlist. Go ahead and sign up for the classes you’re most interested in now. You can change them later.

Would this be a fun girls’ weekend?

YES! So many people do this…rent a nearby hotel and make a trip of it.

Carrie Elle Pinners

What did I miss? Let me know what questions you have and I’ll answer them for you.


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Looks like such a fun conference. I have never attended a blogging or Pinterest conference but would love to at some point. Thanks for the inspiration! Visiting from Snickerdoodle Link Up and pinning. Also followed you on FB and Pinterest!

So glad you shared this post. I’m looking in to going this year now. Visiting from the Show & Tell blog hop.

Why is all the fun stuff so far away?

Silly question, but does this conference move around each year or is it always in those locations? I live in Chicago and you’d think there would be more fun conferences like this but sadly, no. 🙁

Thank you for this! It’s very helpful as I plan for my first time at Pinners.

I just tried to use carrieelle and it said that code wasn’t valid. Trying to use it on the Dallas conference on the 2 day all classes pass

I’m confused! When trying to buy tickets I see “1 day all classes (includes 6 classes) $29.” If it’s all classes why does it limit to 6? I want to be able to attend more than 6. Is possible in one day?

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