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Free Printable Goal Setting Vision Board Template

Free Printable Goal Setting Vision Board Template

Hi! Hello! Welcome if you’re new here – and welcome back if you’re not a newbie! I am glad you’re here. I have created a printable goal setting vision board template that I use for myself and that I think you will like, too. It’s a guided template, which makes it simple and straightforward if you’re new to vision boards. Also, it’s printer-friendly. I think you’re going to like it!

Printable Goal Setting Vision Board Template

A few yers ago, I wrote a book about vision boards. This is a great way to get started – it takes you through the entire process, including setting goals and seeing them through. Plus, it’s designed for you to write IN…so it makes the whole process fun and interactive. I also teach a lot of vision board classes, and that is what inspires a lot of the vision board content for this blog – I make things people ask for. 

This is one of those things. A lot of people appreciated a guided vision board template, especially if they’re new to the process of vision boarding.  

This is totally normal and I always show several examples of vision boards I’ve created and encourage people to copy the layout/ideas and just swap out the goals/words/pictures with their own. I always try to supply some easy, go-to words or quotes that people can incorporate into their vision board, and today I’m going to share those with you here.

What to put on a vision board

One of the momst FAQs I get is, “what do I put on my vision board?” The answer is always the same: whatever you want! 🙂 A more detailed answer would be, whatever inspires you to work on the things you want to work on.

This could be words, pictures, drawings, stickers – whatever feels right. This particular vision board template is focused on setting goals, which means I focused on words when I was making my own (goals need to be actionable so you know what to do, and so you are able to measure your progress).

A lot of times, people will add quotes or images that inspire them and remind them of WHY they’re creating a vision board. If you need quote for your vision board, I have some printable vision board quotes you can download here!

How to use this Goal Setting Vision Board Template

Use this goal setting vision board template however it makes you happy! 🙂 I do have some recommedations though.

  1. Choose your paper wisely! I printed on card stock and used these pastel Sharpies to decorate. If I were going to punch holes in this or fold it and put it in my planner, I would have used regular paper (although I am a paper snob…here is my favorite printer paper, every time I print something for someone else – and I do mean every time! – they tell me how nice my paper is, ha)
  2. Make your goals actionable and measurable. Studies have proven this is more effective than open-ended goals.
  3. Make it your own. Not sure if you know this or not, but I love rainbows! So I made it colorful and cheerful so I’d want to look at it! You can make yours reflect your personality. And if you’re not sure how to get started, map it out on a blank piece of paper first. Or copy this one, and swap out the words/colors/goals for your own!
  4. Make one for each goal you’re working on. Keeping it specific helps it from feeling muddled. You can have a vision board with lots of different things on it, but on this particular template, we are really focusing on one goal in particular.

Inspiration for a Vision Board

A vision board, or dream board, should be something that inspires you and motivates you. I like to attach a real plan with goals to mine, athough the act of just putting those visions down can be very powerful on its own.

If you’re looking for vision board inspiration, you can also take a look at these posts:

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You can find all of my vision board content here.

Vision Board for Goals

You can print out your goal setting vision board template here or by clicking on the black and white “download” button below. If you have any trouble shoot me an email. 


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