Cinnamon Chunk French Toast and Sugar Butter (and Printable Labels, too!)

Artisan Bread from Market Street

This post is sponsored by Market Street. All opinions are 100% my own. With all of the food posts I’ve done lately, you guys are going to think I like cooking or something! I actually don’t. Like, at all. But I love to eat and I have excellent delegating skills, so…I always have ideas for great… 

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Chrysler 200c

A Week with the 2015 Chrysler 200c

My first car was a Chrysler. A 1986 Chrysler Laser (with turbo, HOLLA!), it was pretty fancy for 1986. Of course, it was 1994 when I turned 16, so at that point the car was already 8-years-old. I will always remember that car (first car!), but to be honest, I haven’t driven a Chrysler since…. 

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Star Wars Breakfast

Star Wars Breakfast Ideas (TIE Fighter Eggs, Anyone?)

This post is sponsored by Goldrich Eggs. All opinions and ridiculous-looking characters made out of breakfast foods are entirely my own! #GoldRichYolk In our house, breakfast is probably our favorite meal. And by probably, I really mean, totally. Eggs, bacon, pancakes…the stuff dreams are made of, I tell you. The best part is that my… 

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Candy North Pole #shop

New Christmas Traditions: Candy Cane North Pole Treats

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NorthPoleFun #CollectiveBias I can barely contain my excitement when Christmas season rolls around. The lights! The music! The food! The love! The decorations! And with two small kids, it’s even more magical. I find so much joy in… 

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Claire on Swings

A Day at the Park

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and his wife and their three kids came to stay with us. The kids love it when their California cousins come to Texas, and they *especially* love it when they’re here for Halloween. This last Halloween was no exception, and now that the kids are all at mostly-safe-to-let-them-play-without-a-ton-of-supervision… 

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Free Thanksgiving Meal Planning Printable

Free Printable Thanksgiving Meal Planner to Get You Organized!

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving. It was the gateway to Christmas! All of my favorite people came over for dinner. I’d dump gravy all over the turkey my dad had just carved, pile my plate high with jiggly canned cranberry sauce, and stick black olives on all of my finger tips…. 

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Carrie Elle Meal Planner

Rambling and More Rambling (and a Story About Planning)

These last two weeks? They. Were. Nuts. Like, crazy banana nuts. In a good way, but you know how even good things get crazy and you forget to step back and look at the good and all you feel is the crazy? Yeah. That was me for a couple of days. I kind of realized… 

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Modmarket Mrita Pizza

Clean Eating and Wine on Tap: Modmarket Comes to Dallas

One of the first things I noticed about living in Texas (aside from the ginormous grasshoppers and soul-crushing heat of a Texas summer) was the huge difference in cuisine options between Texas and California. Don’t get me wrong…there is a *lot* of good food and amazing restaurants in the Dallas area. But as far as… 

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Best Dallas Blogs

Best Dallas Blogs (New Reading Material for You!)

Dallas has all kinds of great stuff, and it’s been a great place to live. Ten years a Texan, I’m not sure I see myself living anywhere else. Dallas is my home (well, technically, a North Dallas suburb is my home, but…close enough). Dallas also has a lot (and I really mean a LOT) of… 

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California Olives Creative Veggie Tray

Halloween Fun with Black Olives

Olives have always played a role in my holiday experience. As a child, I remember standing next to my mom as she opened the cans of black olives on Thanksgiving, antsy to get the first ones and toss them into my mouth before she shooed me away. Sitting at a rickety old card table that… 

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Easy Broccoli Quiche

Getting My Kids to Eat Veggies: A Recipe and a Printable for Kids Who Don’t Like Veggies!