How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

What to pack for a picnic 2

This post is sponsored by Glad Food Protection. All opinions and ideas for what to pack for a picnic are my own. #FoodFairyTale #SAVEITSUNDAY My kids *love* going on picnics. It doesn’t even need to be anywhere special. If I tell them we’re going to eat in the backyard (or the front!), they’re just as… 

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Summer Necessities

From Flip-Flops to Floaties: 13 Summer Necessities I Couldn’t Live Without

It’s basically been raining for the last several MONTHS here in Texas. Months, you guys. So that probably means that Texas will be extra hot this summer, just to make up for all the cool Spring days we’ve had. Because Texas is like that. But whatever! I am ready for any weather any Texas summer… 

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Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Recipe

I’ve been using my blender almost every single day for the last two months. I’ve mostly been drinking Shakeology (you can see my most recent 21 Day Fix results here), but I’m getting close to running out – and it’s expensive stuff, so I’m actively looking for a replacement. The thing is, I LOVE Shakeology… 

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Father's Day Idea

Win a Gift Certificate to Spa Castle (Father’s Day Idea!)

I attended a fabulous Mother’s Day event at Spa Castle to facilitate this review. I also picked up a day pass and a gift certificate to give away to a lucky local reader! It’s no secret that spa packages are popular gift ideas for moms when Mother’s Day rolls around (a massage is definitely at… 

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Red Sauder Display Cabinet

Guest Room Design Ideas Inspired by Sauder

We moved into this house in July of 2011. Claire was six days old. The paint choices had been made, hastily, as we closed on the very stressful sale of our old house, packed, wrapped up things at my job of over five years in preparation for my new job as a stay-at-home-mom, and closed… 

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Oven Roasted Potato Fries – They’re Healthy!

One of my weaknesses is french fries. FRENCH FRIES. Yeah, I had to say it in all caps because they’re that good. But with all the frying, and all the salt, and all the frying – they’re definitely not something I’ve been eating much of lately. Unfortunately, the 21 Day Fix looks down upon fried… 

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Springfield MO brochure

Springfield, Missouri – Here We Come!

We are visiting Springfield, Missouri as part of a promotional blogger through the US Family Guide. All opinions are 100% my own. Last year, we took our first trip to Missouri. I had never been, and some of you may remember how excited I was about visiting the Ozarks. After reading about the area as a child, the… 

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21 Day Fix Results Round 2

21 Day Fix Results – Round 2

Last week, I completed Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix. WHAT WHAT! {You can read about my first 21 Day Fix experience here for more details on how the nutrition plan works, what kid of workouts are involved, and how I felt about the whole thing in general.} This is a huge deal for… 

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Mango Muffins Recipe

Mango Muffins Recipe

Today I’m sharing a recipe I haven’t tried before, and honestly – I’ve never even seen these before! But I feel like mangoes and muffins would be a winning combo (and my friend Sarah, who is responsible for this recipe, tells me they are SO GOOD). This mango muffins recipe actually has me thinking a mango… 

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Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Brussels Sprouts Recipe Ideas

One of my favorite vegetables to eat is Brussels Sprouts. I didn’t eat them growing up, but a few months ago I got a hankering to try them. This is kind of a Big Deal, since I’m pretty pick and set in my ways when it comes to foods. For some reason, on that particular… 

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Star Wars Death Star Speaker

Win a Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

This post is brought to you by eKids. Enter below to win a Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth speaker. May the Fourth be with you. It’s no secret that there are some crazy Star Wars fans in this house. My kids (both of them!) are basically counting down the weeks, days, and minutes until the next… 

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