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Vision Board Categories

Vision Board Categories

Hello, Vision Board Creators! If you’re looking for some ideas for vision board categories, you’ve found the right place. My name is Carrie, and I’m the author of Make Anything Happen: A Creative Guide to Vision Boards, Goal Setting, and Achieving the Life of Your Dreams. I wrote a book on vision boards and have taught thousands of people how to create vision boards and set goals. Today, I’m sharing some of the most popular things people include on their boards.

But two quick notes on making a vision board before I get started…

First of all, and I always tell everyone this when I teach a workshop, the only rule for vision boards is that there are no rules for vision boards. Your vision board represents YOU, and it should look like you, feel like you, and come from the heart. What I am sharing here are some vision board categories that you can use exactly as-is, or just to jump-start your journey.

And secondly, when I teach a workshop, I almost always see people using the same four categories. These categories are a natural fit for vision boards, and they are what I always recommend when someone gets stuck as a jumping-off point. Those categories are: health, relationships, money, and career. Those are big categories with lots of room for interpretation, and you’ll notice that many of the categories for vision boards that I’ve included below could fall under one of those umbrellas.

So, let’s get started, shall we? (and before you scroll – you can open this link here to get ALL of my free vision board content in one place. And if you’re looking for product recommendations, vision board supplies, etc., you can find those recommendations here).

Vision Board Categories

Career Goals: Aspirations and milestones you’d like to reach in your professional life. This is a good place to include promotions you’d like, or a career change you’d like to make.

Personal Development: Skills you want to develop, habits you want to implement, books you want to read – anything that leads you towards a better you.

Health and Fitness: This can encompass the usual fitness goals, diet plans, or wellness activities, etc. – but it can also be things like running a 5k, doing 10 pushups, etc.

Travel and Adventure: Destinations you dream of visiting, crazy things you want to try.

Financial Stability: This might include savings goals, investment plans, or financial milestones. For me, it included “debt free” for years.

Education and Learning: Academic goals or subjects you want to learn more about. This is a good category for books you want to read, podcasts you want to listen to, a class you want to take.

Relationships: Improving current relationships or desires for future relationships. This can be relationships with friends, family, or coworkers. There is a lot of room to interpret this one!

Home and Living: Your ideal living space, home decor, etc. – for me, a new house was something I put on my vision board for years.

Creative Pursuits: Artistic projects or creative skills you want to explore – maybe you want to take an art class, or start a side hustle selling something you make. There is no limit to your creativity.

Spiritual Growth: Spiritual practices you’d like to implement, things you want to learn, even a retreat you’d like to take.

Mindfulness and Mental Health: Practices for mental well-being and stress reduction, developing a meditation or gratitude practice, etc.

Hobbies and Interests: Developing new hobbies or spending more time on current ones. For me, that’s always going to be horses and books!

Philanthropy and Giving Back: Ways to help others and contribute to your community, such as getting involved in local organizations or volunteering.

Self-Care: This can fall under any of the other umbrellas. For me, self-care would fall under hobbies (horses!) and health (sleep and exercise!).

Personal Style: Maybe you want to elevate your style or update a wardrobe this year.

Cleaning: Keeping a clean house, finishing up some long-standing cleaning or home organization projects – for some people this comes naturally, for others…we need help and goals!

Entertainment and Leisure: Movies, books, theater, or shows you want to enjoy.

Life Milestones: Significant life events or achievements you aspire to reach (buying a new house, finishing school, etc.).

Best Life: What does YOUR best life look like?


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Thank you so much for this board ! it will help me not to forget myself and to persevere in a new way of life.
Best wishes for the new year.

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