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Vision Board Printable Quote Cards

Vision Board Printable Quote Cards

Now is a good time to announce that I wrote a book, y’all. I am so excited about it (like, sooooo excited…I’ve wanted to be an author since I was eight-years-old!). I got to make lots of fun stuff for it, and one of the things I made was this set of printable vision board quote cards. 

{Want more free tools? Get a free printable Vision Board Kit here!}

If you’ve seen my printable vision board template, you know I love me some vision boards (that post is also a good place to start if you want to create a vision board but don’t know where to start). I put together some new ones for the book, and these cards were something I really wanted to make. There are so many ways to use them…see below for some ideas.

Printable Vision Board Quote Cards

Printable Vision Board Quote Cards

{real quick…for lots and lots of other vision board stuff…start here!}Here are some ideas for using your printable vision board quote cards (some of these ideas don’t actually use vision boards at all!):

  • Add them to your vision board
  • Dress up your planner
  • Use them to decorate your bullet journal
  • Scrapbook with them!
  • Add them to some snail mail and brighten up a letter to a loved one
Printable Vision Board Quote Cards

I also have a couple of vision board tips for vision board newbies.

A vision board doesn’t have to be huge. I fact, mine is 8.5×11 and I keep it in a pocket in my planner. The one below is also on a regular, 8.5×11 piece of card stock. Each month, I decorate the top of my monthly calendar page in my planner with a mini vision board that includes my goals, plans and ideas for the month. It’s fun to make and keeps me feeling inspired every time I look at the calendar.

It doesn't matter if you are trying to lose weight, get a promotion, or create more time for yourself, a vision board is a great way to get started and stay motivated (plus, they're really pretty). Check out these 25 cute vision boards for the inspiration you need to tackle any goal! 

A vision board doesn’t have to be fancy. All it needs to do is showcase your vision, and that can happen in lots of ways. I like using pictures, color and text. Yours might look different and that is totally okay!

OK, now for these printable vision board quote cards. Download them below:

Looking for more? Here’s a recent post with some of my favorite vision board quotes!


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Thanks so much for simple yet powerful templates to declare my visions …sharing this with my daughter.

Hi Carrie,

Awesome content! Love it!

Where do I find the link to download the vision board printables. Nothing is showing up!

Hi Carrie,
Love you work! Awesome content.

How do I get the printable affirmations templates, nothing is showing up??

Hi! I just found your site this morning and I LOVE it! I found it by searching for Vision Board Templates to make one for the new year as I will be sitting home alone. I like your tools the best! I’m having a hard time finding the download links for your items. I saw in the comments for the inspirational words that you put the link in there, so I have that one! But, could you please tell me what I’m missing or doing wrong. (I have a feeling I’m going to find several things in other categories that I’m going to like just as much!!) Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! Happy New Year!!!

Great Stuff to print! We are having a vision board workshop and using your templates! Thank you!

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