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Printable Gratitude Planner Stickers

Printable Gratitude Planner Stickers

I practice gratitude every day. And that’s a gratitude practice is, you guys…practice. You’ve got to be consistent and it’s got to be something you’re working on all the time. But it is so worth it. These printable gratitude planner stickers are a perfect way to dress up your planner and remind yourself to be grateful every single day.

Printable Gratitude Planner Stickers

I keep meaning to write more about my gratitude practice, so I’ll share a little bit about it here. My hope is that you’ll take these stickers (and maybe a couple of the other resources below!) and develop your own practice.

Printable Gratitude Planner Stickers

I write in my gratitude journal every night. OK, sometimes I miss a night…but not too often. This is such a great way to reset myself before I go to bed. A lot of people choose to do this in the morning, but I’ve found that it works better for me at night.

Writing down a few things I’m grateful for each night requires me to step outside of my day, even a tough day, and find something positive. This is the kind of mindset I need before I go to sleep. 

Either way – morning or night! – keeping a gratitude journal is a game changer.

Printable Gratitude Planner Stickers

How can I use my planner as a gratitude journal?

The gratitude journal that I use is a dedicated space for gratefulness. But you definitely don’t need anything special (umm, you should see my first gratitude journal from 1998…it’s just a lined journal!). Any notebook will do. You really don’t even need a notebook, though, if you’ve got your planner. 

Just designate a little space in your planner, either daily or weekly, to write down a few things you’re grateful for. 

Don’t make it hard on yourself. Don’t create a bunch of hoops you have to jump through every day. Just make it super simple. 

“Today, I am grateful for…” 

That’s all you need!

If you get stuck, you can use these gratitude journal prompts.

Printable Gratitude Planner Stickers

How can I make planner stickers?

If you’re new to DIY planner stickers, start here with this simple planner sticker tutorial.

What is the best gratitude printable?

You can also keep reminders around your house to help you cultivate gratitude. I love this gratitude printable. You can frame it in an 8×10 frame or stick it on a clipboard.

Pretty Gratitude Quote

How can I show someone else I’m grateful for them?

One of the beauties of keeping my gratitude journal is that I often find myself writing down the people I am grateful for (and sometimes, they’re really random people whose name I might not even know). I try to tell people I am grateful for them – I like to be super clear and tell people, “I appreciate you, I am grateful for you,” when I am feeling it. But it’s also nice to step outside of your comfort zone and write a letter every now and then telling someone how much you appreciate them!

This cute printable stationery says, “I am grateful for you,” on it – a surefire way to let someone know you appreciate them.

You can download these gorgeous printable gratitude planner stickers by clicking on the black “download” button below. If you have trouble with the download, just email us at [email protected] and we will send you the files. I’d looooove to see how you use these! Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook at @carrieelleblog if you share!



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