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Printable Fuller House Bingo Game


I’ve told this story before, but I’m going to tell it again. My kids love it when I tell them about the “old days,” when we had to survive without iPads and could only watch out favorite TV shows when they were actually on TV. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve talked about TGIF – the Friday night TV programming of my earlier years that brought my family together every Friday night to watch our favorite shows together…especially Full House.

Fuller House BingoI’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, which means I’m a Netflix ambassador and get to share all of my binge watching experiences and television obsessions with you, so you can binge watch, too. But today, I’m sharing an update on the newest Netflix show, Fuller House…as well as bringing you Fuller House Bingo!

Now, I can kind of share that same magic with my own kids. Well, not the waiting-all-week-to-watch-your-favorite-show-part. That’s definitely a thing of the past. But on February 26th, Netflix is debuting their new show, Fuller House – a spin-off of Full House that brings us back into the lives of our favorite characters 20 years after we left them (20-ish. Who’s counting, right?!). 

I KNOW. Twenty years!

Fuller HouseBut it’s okay. Instead of realizing how old we are…let’s celebrate that we can share this fun show with our kids! Who would’ve thought, when I was sitting on our maroon plaid couch on a Friday night in 1992 with my family, that 25 years later I’d me making a printable Fuller House Bingo game to play with my own kids – and teaching them all about how AWESOME Kimmy Gibbler is (she’s always been my favorite).

Fuller House BingoFuller House Bingo

To play, download the printable below. You’ll get six Fuller House bingo cards and markers to cover the spaces. Cut them out (or make your kids cut them out) and give each player a board. As you hear the words on the board spoken or see them on TV, cover your space. First one to get five in a row wins!

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You’ll want to play this during the first episode (which I’ve confirmed will result in a winning BINGO board). 😉 The first episode of Fuller House is available on Netflix on February 26th.

Fuller House BingoSo, it’s true that my kids can watch Fuller House anytime they want. But it’s unique that we get to experience a show of my childhood years together in a fresh new light that is new to all of us. And I am so happy about that.

Are you planning on watching Fuller House?

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I just love this! I bought the entire Full House collection and we have our own TGIF with pizza in front of the tv 2 Friday’s a month. Something near and dear to my heart growing up. I’m printing these for sure and we’ll play next week! Thanks for sharing!

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