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Free 30-Day No-Spend Challenge Printable

Free 30-Day No-Spend Challenge Printable

I don’t have a lot of “rules” with my budget. Money is currency, and like a river current, it flows. So I try not to pinch too hard to what I’ve got or place hard, fast rules. So long as I do my budget each month and mostly stick to it, it all works out. But every now and then I like to check in with money, whether that be spending extra time on a very detailed budget or saving more. A no-spend challenge is a fun(ish) way to understand your relationship with money and save a little extra, too! This free 30-day no-spend challenge printable is a cheerful way to help you stay motivated and on-track.

What is a no-spend challenge?

{quick note – you can find all of my budgeting posts and printables here}

Let’s talk about the logistics of a no-spend challenge. First of all, I truly believe in setting yourself up for success and being gentle with yourself if it’s not perfect.

I look at this as a way to better understand my own spending and spending issues (like, why is it that I feel compelled to buy every single book I’m interested in reading when I have 50 already on my to-read list, and why do I need “seasonal” t-shirts for every new holiday, etc. etc.). 

There are many ways to run your no-spend challenge, so I’ll just share some guidelines that you might want to try.

First of all, it doesn’t have to be 30 days. It can be 7 days, 10 days, whatever. Do what feels right or attainable. 

Secondly, you don’t have to never buy anything again. The point of budgeting, I believe, is to control your money, understand your money, and enjoy your money! 

And finally, pick one or two things that you know you could work on. Avoid spending money on that item for the duration of the challenge. For me, books and clothes are good things to not buy because those are things I randomly and impulsively buy. You might choose eating out, your morning coffee, video games, sweaters for your dog – whatever it is in your life that you default to when you want to spend, or whatever you buy mindlessly, or whatever you know you’re overspending on.

One more thing – you can do this alone but it’s more fun with a friend!

How to Use this No-Spend Printable

Fill out the top of the printable with what your no-spend goal is going to be. The idea is to pick something you’re not going to spend on, rather than a dollar amount you’re going to save, but you could certainly use this printable however it feels right to you! Check off each day as you get through it without spending on that that item.

Use the lines for some light journaling (actually, I recommend keeping a journal as you go through this process if money and spending is an issue). You can also use this space to explain any exceptions you need to make or days that don’t go as planned.

Finally, give youself a big pretty check mark in the “complete” box when you’re finished!

Need help with your budget?Join the 60 Day Budgeting Challenge – its FREE and a great way to take control of your money!

Download the printable below by clicking on the “click here to download” button. If you have any trouble shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you!


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What a great way to start the new year! Can’t wait to put this to use.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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