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Christmas Meal Planning Printables

Christmas Meal Planning Printables

Christmas is my favorite holiday. My very, very, very favorite of them all. We don’t go crazy with the celebrations, but we do throw a big Christmas Eve hot chocolate party for our friends and family. To get myself a little bit more organized this year, I put together some cute Christmas meal planning printables. Meal planning is ALWAYS more fun when it’s pretty, right?!


Christmas Meal Planner Printable

Fill out your meal plan, plug in your groceries, and TA-DA – you planned dinner!  Take that, stress and chaos.

Christmas Meal Planner Printable

Download your Christmas Meal Planning Printable Here:

More Printables and Christmas Cheer

I have lots more for you where this came from!

Click here to get lots of festive holiday goodies, including a weekly meal planner, crafts, wall art, and more. And if you need some ideas for what to serve during the holidays, check out this great roundup of Christmas recipes here!

Christmas Meal Planner Printable

Don’t want to print it yourself? Get one of my Meal Planners here – these are awesome because you have enough meal planning pages for the entire year. They’re all in one place, and the best part is they the pages are perforated…so you can rip off your grocery list and take it with you to the store!

Carrie Elle Meal Planner

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OMG I love this! printing out now – you are so talented!

I love the idea of having the meal plan printable specially for Christmas but I’m wondering why there is a separate kids section? And why are the kids having mac and cheese on Christmas?

Hi Carrie! Thanks for this lovely freebie. I just wanted you to know that I featured it on my blog today.
Take care.

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[…] Christmas Meal Planning Printables from Carrie […]

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