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Cute, Inexpensive, and Kid-Friendly Craft: Candy Heart Wreath

Cute, Inexpensive, and Kid-Friendly Craft: Candy Heart Wreath

I don’t know why (really, I don’t…) but I seem to do a better job of crafting with food than cooking with it. My M&M Christmas Trees and Berry Centerpiece are examples of my random food crafting. And today, I’m going to keep this trend moving forward with a Candy Heart Wreath. 

Unlike most attempted crafts in my life, this one was actually easier, less-messy, and more kid-friendly than I had anticipated. And it turned out just as cute as I’d envisioned. WIN.

Candy Heart Wreath

An ode to my favorite candy, ever…a wreath made of candy hearts.

This was *super* easy to make, and I’m going to show you how!

What you need:

  • I used a 12″ “Floral and Craft Ring” that I got at Michael’s for around $4 (full price – take one of their weekly 40% off coupons and get it even cheaper!). It’s a flat ring with holes in it…you could also make your own ring with some sturdy cardboard – just make sure there’s a hole in it somewhere for your ribbon.
  • Candy hearts – I used about 10-12 of the little boxes, and only because my boxes were all short on purple and orange. I had to open a bunch to get all of the colors I needed. 
  • Craft glue. I used Tacky Glue (the kind in the gold bottle).
  • Ribbon. 

This craft cost me less than $10 for all supplies (minus the glue, which I had on hand).

Candy Heart Wreath Craft Ring

This is the craft ring I used. It was in the floral section at Michael’s.

How to make it:

The fun part, of course, is eating the candy hearts. I am still a little angry about the decision to add blue hearts to the mix (the flavor is so strong, it ruins the whole darn box for me), and the anger is so strong I nearly threw all the blue ones out and didn’t use them for this project just to prove a point (haha..except, not haha because blue hearts). But then I realized how short I was on purple hearts, and how cute the blue looked, and I went ahead with them, after all. I even ate a few (just to confirm their grossness, of course).

Candy Hearts

So many blue. So few purple. :::sad:::

I wish I had painted the ring before I started gluing on the hearts, so if you make this, I recommend painting it (white or a cute color) so that the brown of the craft ring doesn’t show through when it’s all done.

Make a line of glue around the top of the ring (I did this in sections). I placed the hearts on the glue in a rainbow-y sequence.

Candy Heart Wreath Step 1

Making this craft and editing these photos makes me happy – candy hearts are so fun!

You don’t need to wait for the first row to dry before starting the next. In fact, I think it’s best to get it all done while the glue is still a little bit wet so you can move hearts around/make adjustments if you need to.

Complete the entire wreath, leaving one hole uncovered for your ribbon.

Now is a good time to spray your ring with a varnish. This ring is not varnished (yet)…the vanish will darken it a teeny bit, but it will protect the wreath from water and keep ants away. It only takes a few minutes for the varnish to dry. I’ll probably spray mine before I store it for the year (which I’ll do by hanging in a closet with a couple of other wreaths I have).

Candy Heart Wreath Colors


Pull your ribbon through the hole so you have a loop to hang the wreath from. My ribbons were about 3′ long.

Candy Heart Wreath Bow

I might use fancier ribbon next time, but this was cheap ($1/roll at Michael’s) and served the purpose.

Tie the ends into a bow, and hang! Orrrrr, leave it out on a bench and find your kids licking it later. Not that I would know anything about that.

Candy Heart Wreath Complete

All done!

A few notes:

This is really simple and kid-friendly. If your child is still too young for all that glue and candy (so tempting, all of it, I know), they may be able to help you by handing you the colored hearts you need (I let Jack eat the broken ones as we worked). 

I had the project completed in just a couple of hours, and that includes letting the glue really set.

I keep looking at this and thinking about all the little changes I would make, but it’s still cute enough to hang on my front door…and maybe I’ll make a fancier one next year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Crafting!

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