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Brushing Teeth is FUN! Free Toothbrushing Printable for Kids


This post was sponsored by hello, and I received product so I could try everything out. All opinions are my own. Be sure to grab your own toothbrushing printable for kids to encourage your kids to brush their teeth twice a day.

One of my kids brushes her teeth twice a day (more often than not, anyway) without being asked. This is mostly because some older children told her sugar would make her teeth turn green and fall out of her mouth. Which also resulted in tears, a strong aversion to anything with sugar (for months, she would ask “Is this good for my teeth?” every time she was offered a cookie), and a strict, self-imposed toothbrushing regimen.

Toothbrushing Printable for KidsSo it kind of worked out for the best.

A few months ago, though, I noticed that her strict “no sugar” policy seemed to have relaxed a bit. I asked her why.

“Because,” she said. “Jack eats sugar all the time and he never brushes his teeth and his teeth didn’t fall out of his mouth, so I know mine won’t fall out.”

Ha. On so many levels, you guys.

Toothbrushing Printables for KidsBut let’s talk about the REAL issue in that statement. Her brother never brushes his teeth. While this is not, actually, a true statement (he does brush his teeth!) – there’s definitely truth to the idea that her brother has less interest in oral hygiene than she does. 

Here’s a quick (and cute) video of my kids talking truthfully about brushing their teeth. In it, Claire offers some sage advice – it’s okay to spit on the ground if you need to brush your teeth outside because of a fire. 

She also talks about her favorite toothpaste flavor, which is hello brand‘s Sweet Mint. Getting the kids to brush, consistently, can be a battle – but it totally doesn’t have to be! hello products make kid-friendly AND parent-friendly products. They have fun flavors like Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry and fluoride-free Natural Watermelon. All of the hello products are free from triclosan, dyes, microbeads and artificial sweeteners.

You can also buy them at Target or Walmart, which means I have a chance to pick some up every other day or so. TRUE STORY. You can shop for hello products here.

No more blue sparkle toothpaste for us (why is blue sparkle toothpaste even a thing?!). 

hello wants to make the world a friendler place, and that starts with mouths (an end to all toothbrushing battles is TOTALLY key to a friendlier world…trust me, I know this to be true).

Toothbrushing Printable for KidsI made a toothbrushing printable for kids that is designed to stay in the bathroom. They need to check it off each time they brush their teeth – in theory, that would be twice a day! 🙂 It’s totally okay to bribe your kids to complete this chart. I won’t tell.

You can download your own toothbrushing printable for kids by clicking on the download button below.

Download Button

Toothbrushing Printable for KidsAnd in case you missed it, here’s some fun printable bathroom wall art – this will brighten up your bathroom for sure!

And, get a $2 off coupon for hello toothpaste here.

You can follow hello on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with all the fun.

Free Bathroom Printable


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Downloading this right now! My toddler daughter loves to brush her teeth, but it feels like I have to pull teeth to get my 8 year old to brush his. He loves charts though and I am not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner! Thanks!
*Found you through the Creative Collection link up:)

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