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Scrabble Letter Printable Banner

Scrabble Letter Printable Banner

When it comes to board games, Scrabble is probably my very favorite. In the days before Words with Friends and computer word games (because I love those, too!), Scrabble was KING, y’all. I mean really – I loved it.

April 13th is National SCRABBLE Day (who knew!). I’ve had the idea to make a SCRABBLE letter printable banner (because how fun, right?!) swirling around in my head now for months and this seemed like a good reason to execute.

How to use your printable Scrabble banner

I recommend printing on cardstock. This looks really cute with red ribbon, but you can obviously use any color you like. Use a hole punch to punch holes for your ribbon, or attach with clothespins (which is also adorable). 

You can figure out which letters you need and print out those pages only. Or, you can print out the whole file for th entire alphabet! 

Printable Scrabble Letters Banner

This banner was super fun to make. And the game brings me so much happiness in general that even taking these pictures made me happy. Letters! ALL THE LETTERS!

More Scrabble Ideas

I have seen people use this for bedrooms (to spell out a name), classrooms, and parties. It’s perfect for all of those things. But I have some more fun Scrabble ideas to add to the mix.

Did you know you could buy Scrabble tiles on their own? These are perfect for crafting, party favors, learning games, and more.

You can also have Scrabble jewelry made with your initial (I think this would be SO CUTE for a Scrabble super fan, or as a party favor). And speaking of party favors, these handmade Scrabble keychains are cute and inexpensive.

To download your own printable SCRABBLE letters banner, click here or on the download button below.


To buy your own SCRABBLE game (when’s the last time you played?), click below.



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I love scrabble too. Nowadays I play mostly online (on my phone or iPad), but I really enjoy the “real deal” from time to time. =)

I am making a giant scrabble board for our class room we will be putting our sight words on there for the kids these letters are perfect for it . 🙂

oh really, so there’s a national scrabble day?? Didn’t know that .

I have always loved playing the game, and also chess. But scrabble helps a lot, it;s a mental and enlightening game, it gets your spelling game high and keeps improving by the day.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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