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Printable Daily Planner and To-Do List


OK…WHEW. The last few weeks? B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Not even kidding, you guys.

It is with great relief that I settle into a routine and slowly find my focus again. 

And what better way to find focus than with a to-do list, right?! I have to-do lists everywhere. In fact, one of the items on one of my to-do lists yesterday was to combine all of my to-do lists. I still haven’t done that, though, because I’ve been busy making this printable daily planner.

Printable To-Do List

There is plenty of room on this daily planner for ALL of your to-do items, as well as a place to organize your schedule for the day, jot down some notes, and even plan your dinner. And because it’s huge (if you print it out as an 8.5 x 11), you will hopefully have plenty of room. I created this for the extra busy days in my life, but I think it might also be a great way to keep the whole family up-to-date on the day’s activities. I also think it would be fabulous for a teacher or for homeschooling purposes!

Printable Daily Planner

You can download your FREE printable daily planner here.

I also went ahead and made the same planner in 12 different colors (because you might want to use different colors for each month). I have a centered file, like the one you see here (where the planner is centered on the page), and I have a set of printable files (in 12 colors) designed to go in a notebook (see below). These are all available for purchase.

Printable Planner Colors

Print Your Own Planner

And then I know that everyone plans differently…and we don’t all need a full page for every day…so I made weekly planning pages, too.

Weekly Printable Planning Pages

Weekly Planning Page

And then of course, I thought, well, some people like to track their daily water and exercise and might not need THIS much space for their daily schedule, so I should make something for them, too – and created this:

Horizontal Planner

Weekly Planner

And then ONE MORE THING. Of course, if you are going to print all of these out, it would be helpful to also have a monthly calendar – so I made that, too!

Monthly Calendar

Print Your Own PlannerAll files come in 12 colors, so you can use a different color for each month. I’ve also included a cover for you!

Printable Planner Cover

You can buy all of these files here.

To-Do List

Get your free printable daily planner here.

Buy the full set of daily planner pages and monthly calendars here.

And one more thing! I have a Facebook group where I give all kinds of fun stuff away every week. You can join the group here – I’d love to have you (I also have members-only discounts every month).

Find me on Facebook for easy recipes, free printables, fun crafts, and planning tips and tricks. I’d love to have you join me over there.


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Beautiful printouts. I’m a 4 x 6 planner girl, but as full size pages go, these layouts are excellent.

Just found your blog! Love these printables!

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