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8.5×11 Printable Day Planner Binder – Crystals

8.5×11 Printable Day Planner Binder – Crystals

 Yesterday, I shared that I am in the process of making my planner printables free, and I shared my Crystal Day Planner Inserts for the Classic Happy Planner. Today I’m sharing the larger version, with this free 8.5×11 printable day planner that is perfect for your 3-ring binder! 

How to Make Your Own 8.5×11 Planner Binder

These pages are specifically designed to fit an 8.5″ x 11″ 3-ring binder. They will also work with a BIG Happy Planner. I like this 3-ring binder because it’s pretty and also comes with divider tabs, but any will do. You’ll also need a 3-hole punch!

Use any paper you like! This is my favorite paper (I have a subscription to it, and I get two reams every few months).


This printable prints best on 8.5 x 11 paper. There is a margin for you to punch holes.

You can print out all of the pages, or just the ones you need. I recommend printing the pages out individually. if you’re printing pages back-to-front (duplex), do this page by page. It takes a little longer, yes, but you will avoid misprints and save paper, time, and ink (trust me on this!). It may take a couple of times to get into the rhythm if you’ve never done this before, but once you’ve done it a few times I promise it gets easier and makes more sense.

Is this planner available in other sizes?

Yes! You will find that in a separate post. it is also available to fit a Classic Happy Planner, which is 7″ x 9.25″.

What other printable planner accessories do you have?

There’s more where this came from!

I have the following printables to go with this set of planner inserts:

  • Circular monthly habit tracker
  • Printable crystal planner stickers
  • Printable quote cards to dress up your planner, use on a vision board, or share with someone you love

Plus, I release a new planner each month (with a new, cute theme – you’re going to love the one I release in February!). So you can use a new one for every month of the year, if you want.

What comes in this printable planner set for my 3-ring binder?

You get over 20 pages with this planner set! Woohoo! 

  • Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Monthly Calendar Page
  • 2-page Monthly Calendar Spread
  • “About This Month” Page
  • Monthly Inspiration Page
  • Monthly Vision Board
  • Weekly Meal Planning Page
  • Horizontal Weekly Layout
  • One-Page Weekly Layout
  • Daily Boxes Weekly Layout
  • 2-Page Weekly Vertical Spread
  • Journaling Pages
  • Weekly Chores Page
  • To-do List
  • Lined Paper
  • Blank Paper with Crystal Edge
  • Dot Grid Paper


How to download your free printable planner 

You can download your planner inserts by clicking here, or by clicking on the button below. If you have any issues, please email me and I will send you the files or help you troubleshoot.



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