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Five Things I Love About the 2014 Chevy Silverado

Five Things I Love About the 2014 Chevy Silverado

For nearly a year now, we’ve been a one-car household. This works out fine…great, even…as Charles works from home (and I do, too) and the kids are still little and don’t need to be in five different places at the same time. We save a lot of money by having just one car, and we’ll keep this set-up as long as we can (which I’m hoping will be for at least another year or two).

But sometimes? I do miss the convenience of having two cars. Especially on those rare occasions when Charles (or myself) is gone for the day, or out of town, and the parent at home with the kids is stuck in the house all day, with no way to take the kids anywhere. Those days are for the birds.

Last week, I had a chance to drive a Chevy Silverado for an entire week and I JUMPED ALL OVER IT. It meant we had two cars (wheeee!), *and* I got to play around with some fancy new-truck technology. And also? For one week, I got to satisfy my inner yearning of nearly twenty years for a big truck that can pull a horse trailer (I do, actually have a horse trailer, but no truck – go figure).

Here are five things I LOVED about the 2014 Chevy Silverado.

2014 Chevy Silverado

It’s a pretty truck, isn’t it?

1. The technology. Oh, the technology! You guys – times have changed! We have a relatively new car, and the technology doesn’t even come close to what this truck had. 

Check out the help I got when parking this truck…these sensors let me know exactly how much room I had, in front of me and behind me, when I was parking (or backing up). If I got too close to something, the seat buzzed! 

Chevy Silverado Technology

I also LOVED the truck’s giant touch-screen interface – I immediately programmed my favorite XM stations into the radio and jammed out pretty much non-stop the entire time we were driving.

Chevy Silverado XM


2. The back-up camera. I loved this. It was big, and showed me the exact path of the truck, which was so helpful when I had to back into our relatively small street (that often has cars parked on it). 

Chevy Silverado Back-up Camera

 3. There was lots (and lots, and lots) of room. The console was huge…my giant purse fit inside, but I’m thinking it’s more likely designed for things like coolers, or even a laptop.

What I really appreciated, though, was all the room in the back seat! It was super easy to get the kids in and out of the truck, and the center console had drink holders that they could actually reach.

Chevy Silverado Interior

4. Air-conditioned seats. Until riding in this car, I had never experienced air-conditioned seats before. OMG. They. Are. Awesome. It’s still hot in Texas…I imagine that if I had these in my car, I’d use them all year long (probably with the heater blasting, because that’s how I roll).

Chevy Silverado Air-Conditioned Seats

 5. Safety. I felt safe in this truck, and I felt safe having the kids in this truck. It’s a solid ride. I also checked out all the towing stats, and it would be suitable for towing my little trailer with a horse or donkey (or two) inside.

We were sad to see it go…today (a week after we last drove it), Jack said to me, “Mom…I miss the truck.” So I guess you could say it was a hit with the kids, too.

You can read more about the 2014 Chevy Silverado here.


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That does look fancy! I never would have imagined air conditioned seats!

How cool! I’m always afraid of parking huge trucks, but those sensors would be awesome!

That is an awesome looking truck – wow! I love it, and I’m surprised becuase I dont usually think of myself as a truck person. Cool!

This trucks looks really awesome!

Cool deal that you were able to have another ride for the week. We rented a car with the back-up camera. I love technology. We have four cars (for 5 drivers lol), none of which are high-tech. Maybe one day!

Wow, fancy-shmancy. Even I might be able to parallel park in that truck. Thanks for sharing!

My dream truck!

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