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Printable Weight Loss Affirmation Cards

Printable Weight Loss Affirmation Cards

Can we talk about affirmations for a minute? Affirmations are positive things we tell ourselves to shape the way we feel, react, and see our world. As free-thinking humans, we get to choose what we believe, and that includes things we believe about ourselves. A couple of years ago, I started practicing changing the way I think about myself, and what I’m capable of, through positive affirmations.

Printable Weight Loss Affirmations

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If you’ve never done it before, I know it can sound cheesy or kind of woo-woo weirdo – and maybe your strongest association with positive affirmations is the Saturday Night Live skit from the 90s (which was mine, for the longest time, and it is hilarious – Google it, if you haven’t seen it). But I promise you, positive self-talk can change you.

These printable weight loss affirmations are designed to help you remember how awesome you are. You’ll notice that while I call them “weight loss affirmations,” they never actually mention weight loss. This is because I believe it’s easy to get stuck when your goals revolve around a typical number you think your body should weigh. I believe in weight loss goals, but I want you to think a little deeper with these – not about the number you want to weigh so much, but about all the ways you’ll love yourself in the process.

Printable Weight Loss Affirmations

Printable Weight Loss Affirmations

How to use your weight loss affirmation cards:

There are so many ways to use these cards – I know you’ll be able to think of something creative, but I want to share how I use them and I initially thought others might use them.

First off, they are the perfect size for my printable weight loss vision board template – I created them to work together, and you can see some ideas for how I created mine below. You can also read the post about my weight loss vision board to get more inspiration.

Printable Weight Loss AffirmationsYou can also cut out your favorites and keep them in your planner or bullet journal. I like this idea because you can easily switch them out, but if you’re like me, and you’re in your planner every day, they’re going to get a lot of visibility – this is important if these affirmations are to be part of your new, healthier life.

Printable Weight Loss AffirmationsAnother idea – shuffle them up each morning, and randomly pick one to focus on for the day. You can add some of my other printable affirmation cards to the mix to keep it fresh, or just cycle through these.

Printable Weight Loss Affirmations

Choose the one that speaks to you on the deepest level and stick it on your mirror in your bathroom.

Keep a couple in your purse or taped to your computer at work.

The possibilities are endless – use these however they feel right to you!

Printable Weight Loss AffirmationsYou can download your printable weight loss affirmation cards below. Print on card stock for best results. You can see all my tricks for printing beautiful, pro-quality printables here.

I sincerely hope you love these and help you change the way you think about yourself – that is always the first step to making positive life changes. We have to believe in ourselves.

I believe in you.

You can also download my general affirmations cards here, and my money affirmation cards here.

If you’re interested in learning about a specific weight loss program, I am a huge fan of the 21 Day Fix. You can learn more about my experience with the program here. I also hope you’ll join us on Facebook for lots of free printables, healthy recipes, and vision board help. I’d love to see you there!

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Thanks for the info. Do I need to join anything to print out the affirmaion cards?

Nice cards! Inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Hi! I can’t seem to find the link for the affirmation cards. Is there another way to access them?
Thanks a ton!!!

Are the affirmation cards no longer available?

Where is the link to download the weight loss affirmations?

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