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Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Planner

Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Planner

The holidays can be chaotic, and they can be expensive, too. But this free Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Planner is going to help with both of those things! There is great freedom that comes with being organized and prepared for big events, and Thanksgiving is no exception. 

Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Planner

This neutral printable Thanksgiving planner matches this cute meal planning page (while that page definitely has a fall theme, it’s neutral enough to use year-round). I have a couple of other Thanksgiving dinner planners, too – here’s a cute polka dot one, and here’s one with pretty fall florals.

If you’re looking for tips to make beautiful printables, read this post about how to print pro-quality printables.

How do I use this meal planning template?

My meal planning templates are super flexible and can be put to work in whatever way works best for you. However, I like this specific format for planning a big meal, whether it’s for a huge crowd or just a few people. Thanksgiving is going to look different this year, but I know many of us still want to celebrate with the same intent.

Fill in the categories with the items you’ll be serving. If you’re going to be divvying up the duties, I’d probably just highlight the meals you’re responsible for (or that you’re delegating, if that’s easier!). You can use the miscellaneous section for items you need to buy, like ice or napkins, or use it for the kids’ menu. Side story: one year I had a lady leave a rude comment on my blog for including a kids’ section because she said they kids should eat the same food as the adults. If your kids eat the same foods as you, YAY. But I kind of like that my kids prefer Memaw’s mac-and-cheese to green beacn casserole and stuffing, because that means more for us! All that to say, use the “miscellaneous” category however you see fit.

The right side of the page has a handy spot to fill in your grocery list to take to the store with you (you can cut it off or take the whole list…I actually prefer to take the whole list so I can make substitutions based on the menu if I need to).

Where can I find more meal planning help?

If you need some ideas for more than just Thanksgiving dinner, we have plenty of other resources for you. If you don’t know where to start, start here – our free 30 Day Meal Plan Challenge. You’ll get tons of meal planning help and recipes and go from NO meal plan to a month’s worth of dinners all planned out in just 30 days!


Do you need any other printables for fall?

I’ve got some more fun fall printables for you. And don’t forget to grab the matching weekly meal planner, too! I also have a fun turkey-inspired meal planning printable you might like.

Here is a cute Printable Thanksgiving Table Setting for Kids and Free Thanksgiving Printables: Thanksgiving Place Cards to get your table looking nice. This Free Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art will help decorate and these Printable Thanksgiving Planner Stickers will take your holiday organization to the next level. And here’s another set of cute printable Thanksgiving stickers for you!

Printable Thanksgiving Planner Stickers

Now on to that meal planning printable! 

Free Meal Planning Printable Download for Fall

For more printables, you can join the Carrie Elle Printable Club. The Printable Club puts hundreds of printables (planners, meal planning, ebooks, party printables, coloring pages, and so much more) right at your fingertips. You get instant access to everything that I’ve ever uploaded, plus all new uploads (about 10-15 new ones every month) for an entire year, for one low price. The Printable Club gives you access to all printable from my blogs in an ad-free experience, along with all of the printables I sell in the shop, AND exclusive content every month that you can only get as a member. Use couponcode BLOGREADER for $10 off your membership!

Time for your meal planning printable! Download by clicking the black “download” button below. If you have issues retrieving your files, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get them to you! 🙂 



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