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Printable Reading Wish List for Kids

Printable Reading Wish List for Kids

I’m super excited to be working with a longtime (like, since childhood) favorite of mine – Scholastic! Join me and get your kids excited about summer reading with this fun printable reading wish list – and check out all the other great things taking place with Scholastic, too.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d get those Scholastic order forms at school? Those were probably one of the highlights of elementary school for me. I’d flip through the pages (all three or four of them) forward and backward until the ink had rubbed off my fingers and my thumbs were black. I’d pull out my pencil (with a scented eraser, of course) and circle every. single. horse book. If it was a really magical month, there might be a horse posted or horse stickers (!!!). 

If you have kids, you know they STILL bring these home with them. The ordering process is a little different (we order online), but Scholastic continues to bring affordable books on all topics to young kids.

It’s summer, though, and if you’re like me, things are getting a little lax around the house. The daily reading I planned on implementing? Notsomuch.

Printable Reading Wish List for KidsI am lucky, though, that my kids like to read…Jack has a stack of books in his bed (all of them are either Minecraft, World War II and WWII aircraft-related) that he looks at every night.

Printable Reading Wish List for KidsIf your kids need some inspiration to get reading, here are a few things you can do to help your kids be Reading Superheros:

Printable Reading Wish List for Kids




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Currently we are reading the original Winnie the Pooh chapter book of stories.

My youngest will read just about anything silly or anything about animals — joke books, zombie goldfish, undead pets, NatGeo animal stories — but he loves doing the Scholastic News work in class. My middle schooler, though, is stuck between a rock and a hard place. His mild dyslexia holds him back a bit, but he loves reading the heavier stories about underwater sea adventures — Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea — and those stories are so hard to find! Especially at his level. But we try. And his reading will improve the more he reads!

Oh, yeah. My high school daughter reads anything she can get her hands on. Literally. And my college graduate? He tries to never read. Ever. But he is sllloowwwwly making his way through the Game of Thrones books.

My kids love Richard Scarry books:) I grew up with them too! And Amelia Bedelia:)
Christina Anne

My kids enjoy reading books that have a story line about animals.

My kids have enjoyed The Diary of A Wimpy Kid books.

My nieces love basically any type of books. They really like Clifford and Dr. Suess!

They love mystery books.

I have three boys and they love anything from fly guy, minecraft, Pokemon, star wars, Lego.

My kids love Eric Carle books when they were little.

my son likes pop up books

My 9 year old loves chapter books. She just finished Little House on the Prairie.. My 5 year old loves princesses and fairy books.. And my 2 year old loves books about trucks and dinosaurs 🙂

they like adventure

My kids love Skippy John Jones books

My son is loving the Cam Jansen series and the Flat Stanley series now.

My kids love books about animals, especially dogs such as Clifford, Biscuit and Henry and Ribsy.

I get whatever books I can get my hands on for my students.

My kids and students love books about animals and nature

my son just started Harry Potter

They love Magic Treehouse

My kids love all books! 🙂 One of their favorites is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess! 🙂

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