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Printable “Have a Nice Bite!” Treat Bag Labels

Printable “Have a Nice Bite!” Treat Bag Labels

When I was a kid, I’d go to my Gramma Polly’s house the week before Halloween and help her stuff treat bags to hand out to all of the trick-or-treaters. In my mind, I did this every year and stuffed tons of bags. In reality, I probably helped her a few times and judging by my enthusiasm for stuffing Halloween treat bags as an adult, I’m guessing I didn’t actually stuff all that many for Gramma Polly. 

But it’s a strong memory of mine. She lived in a normal neighborhood (compared to my semi-rural childhood home in a neighborhood of few children, which meant Very Few Trick-or-Treaters), and we would often go to her house to trick-or-treat after hiking around our own neighborhood (and up really long driveways spaced very far apart!).

Halloween Monsters

Side note: the upside to our trick-or-treating experience was that most homeowners knew they’d be lucky to see even four kids trick-or-treating, so instead of buying a big bag of candy they’d often buy full-sized candy bars, which was AWESOME.

Another random side note: one year my mom gave out toothbrushes and crayons to trick-or-treaters, and all three of them made fun of me at school the next day because LAME.

But I digress! I loved going to my grandmother’s house on Halloween, and I loved getting one of her treat bags, stuffed to the brim with Smarties, Snickers, and Dubble Bubble. It was THE BEST.

Have a Nice Bite

With two kids in school and Halloween parties that require them to bring treats for all the kids, I’ve got my work cut out for me (OH! And I have TOTALLY sent crayons and other non-candy goodies to these events, so…I see where my mom was coming from that one fateful Halloween).

All that to say…I made these cute little Halloween Treat Bags, and I’m sharing the printable with you here today! 🙂

DIY Halloween Treat BagsYou can download your free printable “Have a Nice Bite!” Treat Labels here. I made these for Halloween, but they’d also be great for a monster party, too!

Here’s everything you need to exactly recreate this (you can get everything from the links below, some of which are affiliate).

Halloween Treat Bags Download

DIY Treat Bag Supplies

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These are cute for “Boo A Neighbor’!

Cute for ‘Boo A neighbor’

They would also be cute for a Halloween party.

parties and to give candy out

I would use these to give out with candy to the trick or treaters.

for my kids on Halloween

These would be cute for my grandkids

I would use the printables for my kids for Halloween and to hand out to kids for Halloween

These would be perfect for my fourth grader to hand out!

I would love to use these super cute label for my Halloween treat bags, too!
Thank You

I’m planning to make some cute little Halloween marshmallows to share at our little party and I think these labels would be just perfect for the baggies! Even better, I can dye the marshmallows to match. Thanks so much for sharing these with us, super cute!

i would make up some treat bags

Would give them to my daughter she makes and draw stuff with things like this.

I would use them for my Halloween Party

They will be fun to take to a party I’m going to.
Thanks for the contest.

They’re cute for a grade school halloween party!

My kid is having a Halloweeen party sonI would use the printable a to give the kids some treats!

I will use these cute printables to pass out to the Trick Or Treaters this year!

I would use these for Halloween make bags for the candy to pass out

I would use them on Halloween to hand out candy.

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