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Printable Back-to-School Shopping List (& how I Save BIG on my BTS Budget)

Printable Back-to-School Shopping List (& how I Save BIG on my BTS Budget)

I hate writing lines like this, because they’re so lazy, but…can you believe we’re already talking about back-to-school? I mean, where did summer vacation even go, right? (see – totally lazy intro to this post, but…also true?)

A couple years ago, I made a printable back-to-school shopping list template that I shared in my Facebook group (head over there for discounts on all my planning products, freebies, and more). I felt like it was in need of a good update, so I’ve done just that. And you can grab it for free at the bottom of this post!

Printable Back-to-School Shopping List

Here’s how to use this list (and lucky you if your kids are old enough to do some of this for you!).

Rather than go back-to-school shopping without a plan (hello, Impulse Purchases), do a very diligent and thorough inventory of your kid’s closet. How many short-sleeved shirts does she have? How many long-sleeve? How many pairs of leggings? How many matching pairs of socks? How many school-appropriate pairs of shoes? Underwear? Etc., etc.

Printable Back to School Shopping List

Since we live in Texas and it’s hot until basically November, I am looking for warm weather clothing that the kids can wear until it starts to cool off (at which point, they will have grown and I’ll need to do this again for cool weather clothing!). I also want to make sure we have some transitional clothes available, too…like a light jacket and a couple pairs of pants for when things to start cool off, or if we have an unseasonably cool day here and there.

Once I know what we have (and what still fits!), I make a list of what we need. I want each kid to have 7-8 short-sleeved shirts, for example. Not surprisingly, they usually have this already…and that means I don’t need to buy them any more. 

Printable Back to School Shopping List

Once I’ve determined who has what and who needs what, I make out a list of what I need to fill in the gaps. Usually, new shoes, new socks, new underwear, a few pairs of pants, a couple of shirts, and maybe a hoodie is all they need (but if I were shopping without a list, I’d be pulling random crap off the racks and overspending for sure).

We also know that the kids will need school supplies, back packs, lunch boxes, and hair cuts. I try to make back packs and lunch boxes last more than one year when possible. 

Printable Back to School Shopping List

And then it’s time to shop. Rather than hit a bunch of different stores, I try to keep it to as few as possible. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more shopping online (I love ThredUp for great deals). 

With this system in place, I spend less (way less!) and don’t buy a bunch of stuff we don’t need. 

You can download your own copy of this printable back-to-school shopping list template below.

I’ve got some other great back-to-school posts for you below! 🙂

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What a timely and helpful post for this back-to-school season! I completely relate to your intro—summer vacation always seems to fly by, doesn’t it?

Your printable back-to-school shopping list is a fantastic resource for parents like me who want to be organized and avoid those impulsive purchases. Taking inventory of our children’s current wardrobe and assessing their needs before hitting the stores is a smart approach. It not only helps us save money but also ensures that we’re buying only what is necessary.

I appreciate the simplicity and clarity of your list. It covers all the essentials and provides a great starting point for parents to create their own personalized shopping list. Plus, I love the bonus tips on making items like backpacks and lunch boxes last longer—sustainable and practical!

By the way, I visited this website and found it to be a treasure trove of useful information and resources. The content aligns perfectly with the themes you explore in this article. Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you for sharing this printable back-to-school shopping list template. It will surely be a lifesaver for many parents. I look forward to exploring more of your insightful content and continuing to learn from your expertise.

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A printable back-to-school shopping list is an excellent tool for organizing and streamlining the essentials needed for the upcoming academic year. It typically includes items like notebooks, pens, backpacks, and clothing. The mention of saving big on the back-to-school budget suggests additional tips or strategies for cost-effective shopping.

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