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Printable Back-to-School Planner Stickers

Printable Back-to-School Planner Stickers

I’ve been working hard on planner stickers for y’all. These printable back-to-school planner stickers are some of my favorites. They are SO fun (and they were fun to make, too!).

Printable Back to School Planner Stickers

Also, can we just talk about how awesome planner stickers are? Please? Just for a second? 

I have SO MUCH FUN with them. In fact I’ve been using my day planner as a memory planner (weird name, cool thing). I’ve been sharing my layout every week over on my shop’s IG page (check out my stories or “Perpetual Planner” highlights to see each week’s layout). 

Printable BTS Planner Stickers

Of course, buying planner stickers is expensive. Which apparently doesn’t stop me. BUT. I buy fewer now than I used to. This is mostly because of my budget (that meaning, I have one) and also because I like to make my own.

Printable Back-to-School Planner Stickers

You can make your own, too. Here’s a whole article about how to print your own planner stickers. It should be super helpful if you’re just getting started!

You can buy printable planner sticker files on Etsy (this is a great place to start if you have something really specific in mind). You can also find a bunch of them for free with the help of Google. And, you can search “planner stickers” in the search bar on this blog and see what freebies I’ve got for you, too!

Printable BTS Planner Stickers

These back-to-school planner stickers are colorful and cute, and you’ll want to use them all year long.

And you totally can! Print out as many copies as you’d like. You can use any sticker paper – here’s a cheap one on Amazon that I have used before.

These stickers are great for your day planner or academic planner, a lesson planner, or a monthly calendar. And my hope was that they could be used by grown-ups, teachers, AND kids…so I really hope you love them!

Printable Back-to-School Planner Stickers

Download your printable planner stickers below. 

And while you’re here (and because I know you love printables!) – have you joined the Carrie Elle Printable Club? You get all of my shop’s printables – everything I’ve already made, and everything that is created over the next year – for one price. It includes hundreds of dollars worth of downloads…and I release several new ones each month! I also add all of my blog printables to it each month, so you can find them all in one place (without any ads).

Use code BLOGPRINTABLECLUB for 30% off your annual Printable Club membership.



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These are so cute! Thank you!!

Thank you for your generous amount of free prints. I love your work and will return to purchase your printouts. You are creative and your work is fun and lovely, so fill of happiness. Thank you for sharing!

The link is not showing to download [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Printable Back-to-School Planner Stickers”]

this is what’s there.

These are perfect !Thank you for sharing 🙂

I cannot get the “link” to print! Please help.

So joyful to look at. I will purchase stickers from you. How can I do this.

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