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Minecraft Gift Ideas

Minecraft Gift Ideas

Add this to the list of Things I Wasn’t Expecting as a Parent: Minecraft Obsession.

Minecraft ToysI was ready for Star Wars. I was ready for princesses, for horses, for dinosaurs, for Transformers, for sports…but Minecraft? I did not see that one coming.

And from what I understand, the obsession doesn’t really go away. It might ebb and flow, but basically from now until adulthood, I should be prepared to engage in conversations about zombies, diamond swords, and the Enderman.

What I like about Minecraft, though, is that it really does inspire creativity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told the kids to turn off the video game only to find them on the floor building replicas of their Minecraft world with wooden blocks or LEGOS, or sharing a chair at the dining room table as they draw out an epic battle between Steve and a Creeper. 

Knowing that this will be a very Minecraft-y Christmas (and wanting to share some cool Minecraft toys we have with you), I thought I’d put together a list of Minecraft Gift Ideas for Minecraft lovers all ages.

Minecraft Gift IdeasSome of these are affiliate links.

1. Golden Pickaxe – We bought a pickaxe (not a gold one though!) like this at Target. At first I was reluctant because it seems expensive for a toy like this. But it’s proven to be *super* sturdy, and because it’s foam, it can’t do too much damage.

2. Torch – This torch is a fun toy, but what I really like about it is that you can mount it on the wall. PERFECT for a Minecraft-themed bedroom, or great to use a little flashlight (not super bright, though…it emits a low glow).

3. Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs set – There are lots of variations of these fun paper boxes (like the set in the pictures here). I LOVE that this hands-on activity inspires kids to use their brains to piece everything together. The paper is a sturdy, coated cardstock – so these will hold up well for playing after they’ve been built.

4. Minecraft LEGO sets – What’s better than Minecraft? Minecraft LEGOS.

5. Minecraft for Xbox – We just use the iPad right now, but guess who’s been begging for a “real” video game system so he can take Minecraft to the next level?

6. Minecraft Figurines – You can even get a case to store them all in!

7. Steve and Creeper Masks – Halloween, maybe? And then playtime for the rest of the year?

8. Minecraft Strategy Books – These can be GREAT for reluctant readers who like to game.

9. Plush Ocelot – Ummm! I want this for myself!

10. Creeper Backpack

11. Diamond Wrapping Paper – Wrap it all up in this adorable diamond wrapping paper!

If your kids love Minecraft, they might be asking to play ROBLOX, too – here’s information you need to know if your kids ask to play.

Do you have other Minecraft gift ideas I need to add? Share below!
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Love the minecraft ideas. I have five kids and they all love Minecraft and spend a lot of time trying to explain their “worlds” to me while I stare at them blankly wishing they would stop. lol So yeah, I think I’ll be having a Merry Minecraft Christmas at my house this year. (My son has the torch and loves it.)

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