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Is Hamilton Suitable for Kids?

Is Hamilton Suitable for Kids?

OK guys…NEW OBESSION ALERT. Last week, Charles and I attended media night at Dallas Summer Musicals and we. saw. Hamilton. I had never seen Hamilton before! And to be honest, it is so incredibly hyped up that I could not imagine how it could possibly live up to my expectations. 

Is Hamilton OK for Kids to See?

Now, I should say that I am super easy to please…but after hearing about Hamilton for the last several years I’d pretty much decided there was no way it could be that awesome. But not only was it completely amazing, I’m somehow even more obsessed with it a week later than I was right after I saw it. And we’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop (it’s even more amazing when you start to learn the words). So now, not only am I sleeping, drinking, and living Hamilton basically 24/7, but my kids are way into it, too. But…is Hamilton suitable for kids?

Is Hamilton suitable for kids?

First – if you’re here it’s probably because you’re trying to decide if it would be appropriate to buy tickets to take your kids to a Hamilton show, or if you should let them watch it on Disney+. If you’re planning a watching party, or are a super fan like I am, be sure to grab these FREE Hamilton Party Printables – they’re totally free, and lots of fun! 

The short story is, yes, I believe it’s suitable for kids over 10. And while my daughter is just about 8-years-old, I’d take her, too. We are all anxiously awaiting the release of Hamilton on Disney+ (it’s become a holiday to us…Hamilton Day!).

I think the big question is, if you’re thinking about attending a show, how much do you want to spend for a ticket for a child who might not appreciate it fully? 

Is Hamilton OK for Kids to See?


Is there bad language in Hamilton?

There is some language in Hamilton. There are a few F-bombs. There are some other words that I wouldn’t want my kids to say…but they’ve certainly heard them before. 

If you’re watching on Disney+, most of the language will be muted. To keep it rated PG-13, they had to limit the number of times they said curse words. So you’ll hear the s-word a couple of times, but all f-bombs have beeb muted (I’ve watched it twice now on Disney+ and didn’t catch any f-words). 

Is the content in Hamilton appropriate for kids?

There’s a scene where Hamilton has an affair. I’m pretty sure this would go right over my kids’ heads (or they might ask about it, and I’d tell them he had a crush on or dated another lady while he was married and that would probably satisfy them). There are some other mentions of sex. Pretty tame though.

Some people die, obviously (this was during the American Revolution, after all, and even someone like me, who doesn’t remember much of my American history classes, knows that Alexander Hamilton died in a duel – but probably only because I remember that commercial, ha!). 

Actually, I told Charles I learned more about Alexander Hamilton and the American Revolution and understood it better from this play than from all my years of school!

Is Hamilton ok for kids to see?

How long is Hamilton?

So this is where you might lose a not-so-interested child. The show is about two-and-a-half hours long, with an intermission halfway through. That’s kind of long.

BUT. Unlike 75% of Broadway productions I have seen, I don’t feel like Hamilton ever slowed down. I mean, I know I’m supposed to love the long, slow ballads that break up most plays, but honestly? I think they’re boring (even The Lion King, which I really do love, is too long for little kids in my opinion). Although there are some “slow” songs in Hamilton, this show moves right along at quite a good clip…and because the whole play is done in verse, there aren’t any “boring” talking scenes.

So I think it depends on your kid and what you’re comfortable with. In my circle of friends, I believe that most of us would be comfortable with our kids watching it (and know that many of my friends WILL be watching with their kids).


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[…] so in some way, we still get our fix! If you’re wondering if Hamilton is suitable for kids, I’ve written a post about it. There will be some language in the Disney+ version, so your kids *will* hear an F-bomb or two […]

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