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Is Grove Collaborative Worth It?

Is Grove Collaborative Worth It?

If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram at all in the last couple of years, you’ve probably stumbled across a Grove Collaborative ad or a hundred. They totally sucked me in with their pretty products and enticing offers of free cleaning supplies (which is extra hilarious because I am the Worst Housekeeper Ever). So after using them for almost a year, I’m going to share all the details and answer your burning questions, like, is Grove Collaborative worth it?

Is Grove Collaborative Worth It?

Is Grove Collaborative Worth It?

First off – I am not a Grove Collaborative affiliate. I joined through another blogger’s affiliate link. So the links I’m sharing here are just good old-fashioned referral links (you can get the same to share with your friends if you sign up).

What is Grove Collaborative?

Grove is an online shop that specializes in eco-friendly cleaning products and products for the home. They also carry makeup and skin care products. I buy all of my Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products now through Grove, plus my laundry detergent and random other things that pop up as I need them (like biodegradable sandwich bags, for example). It’s a subscription service, but you can change what you order each month or skip shipments as often as you’d like, so you don’t have to order every month. If you forget to change your order or cancel it, it will ship out the same thing you ordered last month (this has never happened to me…they send plenty of emails to remind me to upate my cart).

I paid a fee of $25 for VIP access, which gets me free shipping for a year. When it comes due again, I’ll pay for another year because it’s been a great plan for me.

Why wouldn’t I just buy at the store or order on Amazon?

Is Grove Collaborative Worth It

First of all, Grove recently announced that they will be plastic-free in 5 years. They are currently plastic neutral. I think that’s pretty amazing, and if you’re trying to do better for the environment, I think supporting brands making big changes like this is a really positive thing.

The prices are generally about the same or a little lower, for the products I buy, than they are even at Walmart. They are definitely less expensive than I’ve been able to find on Amazon. On Amazon, if I want to order a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning spray, for, example, they are usually sold in pairs. With Grove I can get one bottle, and they are always having sales. They also throw in free gifts all the time…I think this month I have a bamboo soap holder and a candle included in my order (both free). 

Are the Grove free cleaning sets a scam?

No. They’re not a scam. It’s legit! They’re always changing it up, but you can see what’s included currently here.

If you’re like me, the promise of a free 5-piece gift set of Mrs. Meyer’s products is what made you notice the ad in the first place! I don’t even remember what all was included in my initial gift but it was all good stuff and honestly a little bit surprising that it was all free, but there you have it! It was free. It did sign me up for future shipments, but like I said above, you get to choose what you order each month or skip it.

Is there anything you don’t like about Grove?

I have been really happy. Their customer service is great. The only thing I would change is that I’d prefer the cart be left empty each month rather than automatically filled with the last month’s items. I’ve never had an order sent to me without changing it, but it’s kind of a pain to go in and delete everything each month. If I was ordering the same thing every month I guess I wouldn’t mind, but I usually do change it up. 

The annual fee of $25 gets me free shipping on my orders, but orders need to be $25 or more to ship. 

How much does Grove Collaborative cost?

My average order is probably right around $25. My detergent is $18 and then I usually buy a couple of Mrs. Meyer’s products each month, too. It just depends on you – there’s no monthly minimum or anything like that!

Would you recommend Grove?

If you’re looking to buy environmentally friendlier cleaning products (and beauty products) online, then yes, I think this is a great bet. The monthly incentives (freebies!) and huge selection of products make it a handy service for busy people who don’t like going to the store (ME!). I think it was worth the $25 fee for the annual free shipping and I will sign up again. I also like the freebies, the customer service, and that it’s not Amazon (I love me some Amazon…but I also like to spread the love around a bit). 

If you’re already at Target or Sprout’s every week and you’re only picking up a few cleaning products every now and then, you can probably skip it, unless you want to sign up for the freebies and the other stuff they sell (like makeup!). I feel like this is definitely a service for the regular online shopper.

If you want a free 5-piece gift set, you can get one here.


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how easy is it to cancel your Grove membership/recurring orders? how do you do it?

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