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Free Printable Neutral Vision Board Kit

Free Printable Neutral Vision Board Kit

Last week I shared a bright and colorful vision board kit. This week, I’m adding this stunning free printable neutral vision board kit to the collection! It has over 30 pages of vision board making goodness…I hope you love it!

How to Use this Vision Board Kit

If you’ve never made a vision board before, welcome! I am so glad you’re here. I love vision boards – I even wrote an entire book about them! In fact, that book is a good place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed or want more guidance – you can buy it on Amazon here. You can also check out all of my free vision board resources here (there’s a lot of free stuff, from printables to instructional posts to samples!). 

This is not the only vision board kit I offer for free…be sure to take a look at this printable vision board kit as well (it’s free, too!). And if you want this same kit, but exploding with color and rainbows – you can find it here!

This vision board (sometimes called a dream board) kit includes 60 affirmations, 160 vision board images, and 90+ inspiring words to get you started. Plus, it’s got templates!

When I teach vision board classes, I always start off with this…

“The only rule about vision boards is that there are no rules about vision boards.” And I mean it. Go with your gut!

I have taught so many vision board workshops…this kit is a culmination of all the things I have learned about vision boards through writing my book and seeing literally hundreds of vision boards come to life!

To use the items included in this kit, you’ll need printer paper, a color printer, sticker paper (or, you can just use regular paper and a glue stick), scissors, and something to write with. If you want to add other photos, like pictures you’ve collected from magazine or have aroud the house, make sure you also have glue or a craft adhesive.

What’s Included in these Vision Board Printables?

This colorful printable vision board template kit has over 30 pages of vision board tools! Here’s what’s included:

  • Inspiring words
  • Affirmation cards
  • Circles, badges, and ribbons to decorate and write on
  • Word of the Month page
  • Vision board planning page (so you know what you want to put on the board before you start making it!)
  • Simple vision board templates
  • Goal creating/tracking page
  • Habit tracker
  • Gratitude tracker
  • Books to read page
  • Vision board words in pretty fonts and colors
  • Stickers
  • 160 images to decorate your vision board with

Where to find more Vision Board printables

Looking for more printables? Here are the other free printables I have available on the blog, from how to make a vision board to free vision board printable templates to vision board cards that are perfect for dressing up your goals!

This vision board kit, but in RAINBOW!

Goal Setting Vision Board (this is great for setting goals in a visual format)

Abundance Vision Board Template (I love this one!)

Vision Board for Kids (yep, kids can get in one the fun, too!)

Vision Board Quotes (here are 12 quotes I love for vision boards…and you can print them out and use them, too!)

Wellness Vision Board Template (this free template is great if you have wellness, weightloss, or health goals)

Vision Board Topics (if you don’t know what to include, be sure to check out these popular topics)

Printable Money Affirmation Cards

Vision Board Inspiration (use these cute boards to inspire you)

Printable Money Affirmation Cards (you’ll want these if you have financial goals!)

Printable Affirmation Cards (these are perfect if a little self-love is in order)

Printable Weight Loss Affirmation Cards (these are great if wellness is on your radar!)

Printable Weight Loss Affirmations

Printable Vision Board Template (this template is simple, straight forward, and covers many aspects in your life)

You can download your free Carrie Elle Printable Neutral Vision Board kit by clicking here, or by clicking on the black and white download button below. Have trouble? Shoot me an email and I will send it your way!


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