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Free Printable Fall Circular Habit Tracker | 8.5×11 | Classic Happy Planner

Free Printable Fall Circular Habit Tracker | 8.5×11 | Classic Happy Planner

Have you downloaded your free printable fall pumpkin day planner yet? I have it available in both Classic Happy Planner size and 8.5×11, and to complement that planner today I am sharing my printable fall circular habit tracker! Available in two sizes, this habit tracker is great for keeping track of your progress on multiple tasks, habits, and goals. And, it’s so pretty!

Fall Circular Habit Tracker

Printable fall-themed circular habit tracker for planners

This habit tracker comes in two sizes – 7×9.25, which will fit a Classic Happy Planner, and 8.5×11 which is great for a 3-ring binder, a BIG Happy Planner, or even to fold up and put in an existing planner.  Add it to your planner, binder, refrigerator, or vision board…or whatever else you deam up! You could also laminate it, and use it again and again.

This page matches my printable fall planner inserts (available for both the Classic Happy Planner and 8.5×11). You can download the other planner inserts here.

What is a habit tracker? 

A habit tracker is a way to keep track of your goals. It doesn’t have to be a task or a huge achievement. If you want to drink more water, workout more, meditate, eat healthy, take your vitamins, or walk the dog more consistently you can use a habit tracker to help keep you focused on on track. I use mine to see how many days in a month I meet my step goals!

Habit trackers will give you a look at the whole month when you are done so you can see how well you did with turning those little goals into actual habits. 

Fall Habit Tracker Printable

How does a circular printable habit tracker work? 

A circular habit tracker (like this printable habit tracker I’m sharing today) works very simply. There are dates on the outer most circle, you’ll see they’re listed from 1 through 31. On the months that have less than 31 days you can just block those last columns out or you can simply ignore them. 

There are rows for you to write in the goals that you want to track that month. For each day that you achieve that particular task, you can color in the corresponding block. Instead of running straight across like other habit trackers the circular habit tracker just wraps around in a circle. 

Just follow the line from your habit around to the date you are marking and fill in that block. I like to use colorful pens, markers, or even a small sticker to fill in the chart! 

Then, when the month is over, you’ll have a full overview of how well you did at meeting all of your goals. It helps you see how your habits are coming along and where you can make changes to see improvement! 

Fall Habit Tracker Printable

How do I print this habit tracker?

You can print the habit tracker by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the page.  You can also click right here. The download will save to your computer or open up depending on your settings. I have included both sizes in the download – just print out the one you need!

You can print multiple copies so you are ready for several months or you can come back each month and print a tracker when you are ready. 

If you printed out the smaller size to use with your Happy Planner, you’ll need to cut it down (it has cut marks, so you’ll know where to cut!). 

Click here to download.

Looking for more habit tracking printables? 

If you are looking for more printable habit trackers and planner goodies you are in the right spot. Let me share some of my favorite habit trackers below! You can click through for even more great (free) downloads that will help you stay focused, on track, and thriving! 

Have trouble with your download? Shoot me an email and I will be happy to help!


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