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Printable Easter Baskets

Printable Easter Baskets

I was compensated for this post by Global Influence. I also received candy from Hershey’s to facilitate this post – and even better, one lucky reader gets to win a Hershey’s Chocolate prize pack!

Easter will be here before you know it (April 20th, in case you’re wondering…thank goodness for Google). Easter means a lot of things to me…Spring, cute dresses for the toddler, family, and of course…chocolate.

This year I wanted to make something cute and festive that we could pass out to the kids in the neighborhood as well as my kids’ classmates. Nothing expensive…just something cute, Easter-y, and handmade (I don’t always go handmade, but when I do…I don’t mess around). The GIANT BOX of Hershey’s candy I received in the mail (two days after I started Weight Watchers…no comments on the internal struggle that followed the chocolate’s arrival) served as inspiration for these handmade paper Easter baskets (template for free printable Easter baskets below!).

Make Your Own Easter Baskets 2

Handmade paper Easter baskets.

{Side note: Did I mention that HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate is actually my favorite chocolate? And that I require it as a gift from my husband on Mother’s Day, my birthday, and Valentine’s Day, and stuff my kids’ Easter baskets with it so I can have some, too?}

The Cadbury Eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, REESE’S Peanut Butter Reester Bunnies, and the HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolates are all the perfect size for these cute little baskets.

Here’s what you need to make these handmade paper Easter baskets:

  • Color printer (or, just print them out in black and white and use them to trace out the pattern on scrapbook paper)
  • Paper (cardstock works best)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • HERSHEY’s candy (to fill them up with goodies!)
  • Easter grass (optional…I found mine at a craft store for $1.00)

Click here to download the free printable Easter Basket templates (and go easy on me…I’m still super new to this graphic design stuff):

Free Printable Easter Basket Templates

Click the image to download!

This craft is “easy” – it doesn’t involve power tools and it’s mindless enough that you can do it while watching Real Housewives (that’s not just me, right?) – but it’s not really little kid-friendly. You do need some level of dexterity and patience to get the first basket or two together (the more you make, the easier they get).

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make your baskets.

Make Your Own Easter Basket Tutorial

  1. Print your basket templates and cut all of the pieces out (I used a paper cutter for the long strips, but I made plenty of these using just scissors and they worked just fine).
  2. Fold the sides of the box in towards the center and then along the dotted lines (much easier if you fold first!).
  3. Take one of your basket weaving strips and fold it into a square. Use a piece of tape the secure it. It’s easier to work with an already-formed square (trust me!).
  4. Weave the basket’s strips around the square weaving strip (one goes over, the next goes under…all around the square). This can be a little bit tricky, so I used tape to secure it every now and then.
  5. Once you’ve got the basket complete, use tape (on the inside of the basket) to keep the strips in place. Fold the strip that will be the top of the basket in half, lengthwise.
  6. Fold the basket top strip into quarters and place on the top of the basket. Use tape to secure.
  7. Tape the handle to the inside of the box, and…ta-da! All done!

Although I didn’t let my kids help (aside from handing me little pieces of tape), they LOVE these little baskets! They have been carrying them around the house and fighting over who gets to play with them next (the fighting part’s not so great, but the part where they love playing with them is!).

There are all kinds of fun (and delicious) Easter ideas at If you are looking for inspiration, you will find plenty here. My favorite (if I had to pick one) is this super cute WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS Wreath (it is *right* up my alley – kind of wish I’d thought of it first!).

And now for the fun stuff! One super lucky reader of mine will win a prize pack of Hershey’s candy. 

Win a HERSHEY'S Prize Pack!

Best prize EVER!



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I really want to try the velvety chocolate cream pie. It looks so delicious. And, I love spending time with my family on Easter. We usually do something fun together.

The peanut butter chip banana muffins look yummy! We are laid back on Easter and will sometimes go see a movie!

Our Easter tradition is buying our children a new stuffed Easter bunny each year. I love the Road Rally Egg Hunt craft.

favorite tradition is having an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. We like the Easter basket cupcakes

I like the great race craft and we like to dye and paint eggs together.

We love coloring eggs, having an egg hunt & a delicious Easter dinner! My favorite recipe is the Easter Basket Cupcakes!

My fav Easter tradition is having egg hunts. I love the Bird Nest Cupcakes shown on the Hershey website.

I love coloring eggs with my granddaughters
The peanut butter chip banana muffins look great

We have a egghunt for the grandkids every Easter.

Love painting eggs with my family! These bunny racers are awesome –

Church in the morning and then to my families house for huge egg hunt for the kids.

Family dinner is our favorite! The race cars would be perfect for my boys!

hunting for the hidden easter basket! I can do this with my little girl now and I cant wait

My husband is an Air Force chaplain so we get to participate in the base easter egg hunt which my boys love. We also get to enjoy my husband’s sermon on Easter morning. Easter is my favorite holiday. Such a wonderful time of year!!! We will certainly make those sweet little baskets for our Easter dinner table! As far as crafts on the site, I think that my boys would really like to make those adorable little racers and then I would gobble them up! 😉

Our local Easter egg hunt is our favorite activity and I like the Resees racers on the Hershey site.

My favorite tradition is decorating eggs with my kids. My favorite recipe is the coconut basket cake.

My favorite tradition is our family Easter egg hunt. My favorite recipe at CelebrateWithHershey’s is the PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY CAKE. I am going to make this for my grandchildren this year!

We do a big family hunt every year for all the kids/grandkids in the family. I’d like to try the Easter Bunny Egg Racers.

awesome giveaway in time for easter.. with having 8 grandkids it gets expensive.. thanks for the change… Happy Easter to u n ur Family.. 🙂

I love the Birds Nest Cupcakes!! My family Easter tradition is coloring eggs the day before Easter Sunday, then we hide them on Easter Morning along with all the other egg goodies:)

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