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Free Printable 2024 Wizard Magic Harry Potter-Inspired Calendar

Free Printable 2024 Wizard Magic Harry Potter-Inspired Calendar

Creating this calendar has become one of my favorite blog “tasks” every year. It brings me SO much joy to make it and I have such a good time adding new birthdays and themes to it each year. I hope you will love this printable 2024 Harry Potter inspired calendar as much as I loved making it!

If you’re a crazy planner person like I am, you’re already writing things down in your calendar for next year. Print out this calendar and stick it in a 3-ring binder. This is also perfect for a Big Happy Planner!

Printable Harry Potter Inspired 2024 Calendar

This year I added some new birthdays and events to the calendar! I kind of don’t want to tell you…I think they will be fun little surprises as you print it out or go through it!

I will share this little tidbit though. September, which is Hermione’s birthday month, was inspired by the pink dress she wore to the Yule Ball. In the book the dress is blue, but I went with the pink (mauve?) dress that Hermione wore in the movies.

I also switched up all the quotes. I don’t just go pick random quotes…I actually spend a lot of time choosing them every year. And this year some of them felt extra timely (pretty sure there is one quote that was predicting AI, lol…and no, I don’t use AI for any of the content I create on this website!).

This is my favorite calendar yet. Seriously. I have printed it out for myself and I’m trying to think of how I’ll use it. I might get a frame and swap it out each month and use a dry erase marker to write on it. Or I might put it in my planner…I don’t knowwww. I just know that I really like it.

If you’re new to printables, you can see exactly how I get gorgeous, pro-quality prints every time with my home computer here.

This calendar is designed to print on 8.5″x11″ paper. There’s room at the top of each page to punch holes for a binder.

If it’s still 2023 where you are, you might love this 2023 Harry Potter calendar!

And if you’re looking for flowers…here is the 2024 Floral Calendar.

More Free Printables

Want more free printables? You can find all of my printables in one place here.

And because last year I shared a picture of my horse in this post (it was hot and I’d taken him for a ride on the day I published last year’s calendar), here’s another horse picture for you – this is the newest member of our herd, Sally!

To download this free printable 2024 wizard magic calendar, just click here or click on the black and white download button below.

If you have any trouble with the file, shoot me an email and I will send you the calendar that way! I can’t wait to see how you use your calendar. I would love it if you’d tag me on social if you ever share it. Please tag me at @shopcarrieelle so I can see. <3 


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This is my fourth year downloading your HP calendar! Thank you so much for making it each year. It gets more and more beautiful each year and my kids enjoy it as well!

Melissa – the other commenter – has got me beat 🙂 but this is my 3rd year downloading the HP calendar and I use it every day. I love the special touches you add. Thank you so much for making these!!!

Gracias por tus calendarios! Son los más bonitos. Este es mi 3er año que lo imprimo.

I really love your harry potter-inspired calendar. I am a teacher and your calendar help me track of activities. Thank you for this. Hoping more in the future

Thank you for that wonderful 2024 HP calendar. We are big fans here in France and I have been using your HP calendars for 2 or 3 years now. Thank you for sharing and bringing the magic in our everyday lives!

Thank you for making such a beautiful calendar. My daughter uses it for planning her schoolwork, we stick three months next to each other at the wall 🙂
Just a little question: is it possible to make another version of it, with the week starting on Monday? In the Netherlands, this is the first day of the week. I can imagine it’s a lot of work, then don’t bother, we enjoy the calendar anyway!

Mmm, as I read my comment, I think it’s stick to the wall…

Is there any chance you might consider making a version of this without the birthdays and other events on it? I absolutely love the calendar but I need to be able to write a lot on it and the birthdays make it hard. I would really appreciate it if you could offer that but I understand if it’s too much trouble! Thanks so much!


How can i find the first day monday calendar?

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