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DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Making DIY Valentine’s day decorations is one of my favorite things to create. I am madly in love with everything that has to do with Valentine’s day. The red, pink, purple, glitter, and hearts, it is all too perfect for creating whimsy and loving decor to celebrate this lovely day. These decoration ideas are fairly simple to put together, you might even have everything you need lying around the house ready to be used.

DIY Valentines Day Decor

Take a look at our lovely list of DIY Valentine’s day decorations.

  1. Framed Love Letters: Adorable, simple, and affordable. Use some old picture frames that aren’t in use, give them a fresh coat of spray paint and you have a cute Valentine’s day decor.
  2. DIY Gold Leaf Valentine Vase: Make a stencil out of paper and create a gold leaf heart on a plain vase. No need to be intimidated by the use of gold leaf. It really is easy to use. This is the perfect way to give it a try.
  3. Easy Valentines Love Garland: Dress up a simple String of Chinese Lantern Lights to make this gorgeous garland. You can really add a lot to this string of lights by simply adding some ribbon, cut out Valentine’s day cards, and doilies.
  4. Valentine’s Day Votive: Turn a jar into a decorative candle holder that has the perfectly shaped hearts. Great way to set the mood for a romantic dinner.
  5. Confetti Champagne Glasses: Make a set of glasses that will give you a reason to toast on Valentine’s day every year. You do not need to be an expert artist to tackle this DIY. Use gravity to benefit your creation.
  6. Valentine’s Day Heart Decorations: Use felt to make these hearts that can be used as coasters, place mats, and even decorations.
  7. DIY Love Coupons: Not only will this DIY Valentine’s day craft add some spark to your love life, it can also be framed as a token of a special night or anniversary.
  8. Mason Love Jars: These glittery mason jars make the perfect Valentine’s day decor.
  9. Fabric Scrap Mini Canvas Art: Make miniature pieces of art on canvas. Great way to add a pop of color to a small space.
  10. Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders: Show the birds some love by making them something to eat when food is scarce throughout the winter.

If you decide to gift any of these DIY creations, these Fabric Gift Tags are the perfect touch to add to your gift wrapping. It is never too early to start planning the Valentine’s day decorations, so get to crafting. What are your favorite DIY Valentine’s day decorations to make?


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I love the garland so much. All of these are such cute ideas, so thank you for sharing!

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