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DIY Pokemon Gift Wrap & Pokemon Gift Ideas

DIY Pokemon Gift Wrap & Pokemon Gift Ideas

This post brought to you by Toys“R“Us . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Carrie Elle.

I was pretty sure that nothing…and I do mean nothing…could override my kids’ lives with the same intensity Minecraft and Star Wars have managed. But then along came Pokemon. And now we live amidst the Pokemon cards and the Pokemon talk and the Pokemon play and the Pokemon EVERYTHING.

DIY Pokemon Gift WrapIt brings my kids so much joy, though, that I am totally rolling with it, and this will be a very Merry Pokemon Christmas, indeed.

Yesterday I was in Toys“R“Us, looking for Pokemon gifts, when I had the idea to make some fun DIY Pokemon gift wrap. It turned out SO CUTE (and was really, really easy). Check out the full tutorial below. 

But first, here are some fun Pokemon gift ideas for the kid who loves Pokemon – NO POKEMON CARDS included! These are all available online at Toys”R”Us.

Pokemon Gift Ideas

You can find all of these gifts at Toys”R”Us, which is the perfect place for last-minute shopping (and probably where I’ll be headed several days before Christmas because for all the energy I put into being organized and ahead of things, the truth is, I’m always running behind…and that includes Christmas shopping!).

You can always find the hottest toys and the latest and greatest gadgets at Toys“R“Us (like all these fun Pokemon presents!).

DIY Pokemon Gift WrapAnd of course, you’ll want a fun way to wrap your gifts, right?! This DIY Pokemon Gift Wrap is simple, cheap, and fun – and I’ve got free printable gift tags to go with it.

Here’s what you need to make your own Pokemon Gift Wrap:

DIY Pokemon Gift Wrap

  • Red wrapping paper (it needs to be white on one side)
  • Black ribbon (I used black grosgrain ribbon, 1 1/2″ thick)
  • Pokemon gift tags (download below!)
  • Tape and scissors

Start by cutting out your wrapping paper just like you would to wrap any present.

DIY Pokemon Gift WrapOnce you have the piece cut out, cut it down the middle.

Flip over one side so that you see one sheet of red, and one sheet of white.

DIY Pokemon Gift WrapWrap the package in each half of the paper, taping it together when you’ve got both sides wrapped.

DIY Pokemon Gift WrapCut a piece of ribbon to fit around the midsection. This will cover the area where the paper is joined. Tape to the back of the package to secure.

Print out your labels (below) and use double-sided tape to affix to the black ribbon, and…TA-DA!

Download Button

DIY Pokemon Gift Wrap

DIY Pokemon Gift WrapYou have some super cute Poke Ball gift wrap that I promise your kids will love.

DIY Pokemon Gift WrapCheck out Toys“R“Us for more great gifting inspiration and to pick up the season’s hottest toys.

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So cute! I think my little one would love these!

My son might lose his mind if I wrap his Pokemon Sun game like this. Thanks for the inspiration

Hello Carrie, I read your blog, it’s superb. Now-a-days children like to spend too much time with toys. These toys are for play and also for some necessary needs. I like your blog, so share more blogs

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