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21 Day Fix Results – I DID IT!

21 Day Fix Results – I DID IT!

Earlier today, I canceled my Weight Watchers membership (for what is probably the thirteenth time since 2009). I like Weight Watchers, so please don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a great program! But a few wonky details (like an app I didn’t love and a confusing method of figuring out points when making a recipe) left me wanting. That, and I craved a structured exercise plan. 

21 Day Fix Results

I know most weight loss takes place in the kitchen – I know it! – but I need to exercise, too. My body needs it, and my brain needs it. But I’m not great at exercising on my own. Or making healthy eating choices on my own, either, apparently. I want someone to tell me what to do and how to exercise until I can get back to what I consider my “normal” self – one that is 35 pounds lighter (at least!) than my current being.

I’ve been struggling with my weight since Claire was born, and I’ve played the “lose it and gain it” game with Weight Watchers plenty of times over the last three-and-a-half years. It’s not Weight Watchers’ fault. It’s my own. But I was ready for a chance.

21 DF Results

But I kind of even surprised myself when I saw some 21 Day Fix results on Instagram one day and…signed myself up to join her next challenge. 

Something inside of me just said, “YOU NEED THIS. DO THIS.” And so, I did. And now, I want to share my experience and my results!

21 Day Fix ContainersThis post contains some affiliate links below.

Honestly? I had seen some people posting Shakeology stuff on my Instagram feed, and I’d had a couple of people ask me if I made 21 Day Fix Food Journals for my shop (which I finally did), but aside from that? I had NO IDEA what the 21 Day Fix was. Like, at all. 

21 Day Fix Results

The 21 Day Fix is a 21-day workout program and eating plan designed to help you lose weight, quickly and safely. 

Every day, you have a 30-minute workout. You use the provided containers to eat a clean, portion-controlled diet within your assigned calorie range. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is a super-clean, low-carb and low-sugar diet. 

21 DF Results

You can buy the program through a coach (which I did) on the Beachbody site, or you can order from Amazon. If you buy on Amazon, you can still find a coach later…but make sure you do! I definitely recommend joining a challenge group and getting some encouragement from a coach (they’re free).

For the first round, based on my weight, I was allowed to eat the following every day:

4 green containers (veggies)

3 purple containers (fruits)

4 red containers (protein)

2 yellow containers (healthy carbs)

1 blue container (cheeses and nuts)

1 orange container (dressings)

4 teaspoons or oils or nut butters (I can’t stand saying “nut butter”)

21 Day Fix Dinner Recipes

I had a book that came with the program that told me which foods were okay to use for each container. The book will tell you it’s easy to figure out your meals and tells you not to worry about calorie counting, and this is true – but there is definitely a learning curve! Planning is key. I sat down every night and planned out my meals and snacks for the following day to make sure I was getting all of my containers. The days I didn’t plan, I struggled.

That said, after a couple of weeks, the process was MUCH easier – and I feel like I started learning how to eat properly.

I paid for the program that came with Shakeology. These are healthy shakes, but they are expensive (over $4 apiece, which is reasonable if you make it a meal, I suppose). I accidentally chose “autoship” when I signed up, which means they automatically sent me another round (and charged my card) four weeks later. It was my own fault for accidentally signing up for autoship, but OMG. I only found out I had been signed up because Charles saw the charge on our bank statement, and canceling was a real bitch. So just be careful if you buy the shakes and make sure you know what option you are choosing. 

{Side note: here are some Shakeology alternatives I have found.}

At first, I really struggled figuring out what to eat. It didn’t take long to get into a groove, though, and today, my lunches often look like this.

21 Day Fix LunchAt first, turkey bacon and broccoli made me want to cry. My inner toddler raged inside and wanted to push it across the table and say, “NO!” until someone brought me real bacon and some buttery white bread instead. After a couple weeks, though, this became my new normal…and now I actually get excited about food like this

My snacks, which I learned I needed to eat between meals, looked a lot like this – apple slices with some peanut butter and some almonds, or maybe carrots and hummus. I did, however, modify one of my favorite foods to make it 21 Day Fix-friendly (you can see my Grape Salad recipe here).

21 Day Fix SnackI was never hungry. Sometimes I couldn’t even finish my dinner (ALL THOSE VEGGIES!). That doesn’t mean I didn’t crave chocolate and potato chips, but it does mean I was not starving.

I struggled with water intake. I was supposed to drink 88 ounces a day, which is a lot. To make it easier, at night I would make a batch of water for the next day with sliced lemons and cucumbers or strawberries or blackberries or whatever else I had around that seemed like it might make my water more appealing. This really helps. 

21 Day Fix WaterThe “eating well” part was hard, especially when many of our family activities revolve around restaurants, neighborhood get-togethers, and family functions with a lot of food. Also? I love me a big glass (or two) of wine in the evenings, and I quit wine for the entire 21 Day Fix. Wine is a trigger for me…just a few sips and I suddenly think I should eat ALL THE CHIPS. So, for this challenge, I just skipped it (although you are allowed to have it in very small amounts if you choose).

But the part I really struggled with was the workout portion!

Workouts are only 30 minutes a day. But when you are this out of shape? That 30 minutes can feel like an eternity. I often felt like that guy in Hades that was damned to forever push a giant rock up a hill only to have it roll right back down as soon as he almost reached the top. I mean, I felt like that every time I did a jumping jack. Seriously. I struggled with the warm-up, and found myself huffing and puffing through the modified versions of the exercises.

Shakeology Recipes

But here’s the thing. The trainer, Autumn Calabrese (who I found to be likable and inspiring), shows you lots of options for each exercise. I found myself graduating from some of the modified exercises in just a couple of weeks. And others? I’m not quite there yet. And that’s okay, and also kind of nice because I know I can get a couple more rounds out of this program before I “outgrow” it and move on to the next!

Except I kinda hate burpees so much, I don’t know if I ever want to be good at them. I always feel like a baby trying to stand up for the first time and instead awkwardly wobbling around before falling to the ground again. That’s what a burpee feels like to me. Damn you, burpees.

Also? I was really, insanely, exceptionally sore the entire first week. Which is what happens when you don’t work out in forever and then go ALL IN. {And you guys, I am SO all in on this}.

When I signed up to do this, I joined a Facebook challenge group. She told us all to take before pictures and measurements so we could see the results a the end of the 21 days, and also encouraged us to stay away from the scale so we wouldn’t be tempted to slack off if we saw success. I stayed away from the scale, but for other reasons. I really wanted to stick this out, and if I wasn’t losing weight, I didn’t want to know. 

Peanut Butter, Honey, and Cinnamon Energy Balls

I think this was a good choice. The first two weeks I felt bloated and my entire body was so swollen that my clothes actually felt *tighter* than they had before. I am sure that my body was in some sort of shock and was retaliating against my years of poor self-care by making me hurt and feel even fatter. {I later read that this is an actual thing…so if this is you, like it was me, stick with it through these first weeks!}.

So, I did, indeed, stay off the scale.  I weighed myself and took my measurements and tucked the paper away where I wouldn’t have to see it for the next three weeks. 

I worked my tail off, and it felt amazing.

On day 22, I got on the scale and took my measurements. 

I lost 7 pounds and over 14 inches in three weeks.

I lost nearly 5 inches off my waist alone. I can feel my abs returning. I increased my flexibility. My pants are (a teeny bit) looser. I don’t look pregnant anymore. My arms are less jiggly. My face is not as puffy. I can almost do a push up. I feel stronger, I have more energy, and I am losing weight.

These before and afters might not be super dramatic (and OMG I WILL WEAR MAKEUP NEXT TIME…), but this is just the start. And I don’t expect to undo three years of poor eating in three weeks!

21 Day Fix Results First RoundI jumped right back in, and I’m currently on Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix. I’ll probably do another round, and then we’ll see where I’m at and I’ll either continue or try the 21 Day Fix Extreme (or maybe something else). 

^^^ THAT was a long post. Thanks for sticking with me. 

You can also buy the 21 Day Fix program here without joining any groups (I don’t believe this includes Shakeology)…and I’m happy to support you and answer ANY questions I possibly can.

AND…I have a bunch of 21 Day Fix posts…click here to see them all.

Find me on Facebook for easy recipes, free printables, super simple kid-friendly crafts, and things to do in Dallas. I’d love to have you join me over there.


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I did P90X3 after I had my son and had great results. I’m so curious about the 21 day fix. You had great results!

Hello Carrie I loved your results and your positive feedback about the program. I have been doing the fix for 3 years now and I keep falling of track and binge eating. Do you think having a treat meal once a week will help with the binging and still see progress?

Thank you,

Hi, is it possible to use the containers for my food intake without exercise calculation?
Im 160.9lbs and with the 21 Days Fix, it mentions that I would be in the 1200-1400 cal/day. I want to get the containers but would rather do my own exercises of relaxing yoga and walks.

THIS is probably one of the best things I’ve ever read: Except I kinda hate burpees so much, I don’t know if I ever want to be good at them. I always feel like a baby trying to stand up for the first time and instead awkwardly wobbling around before falling to the ground again. That’s what a burpee feels like to me. Damn you, burpees.

LOL…. I love how real you keep it! <3

OH MY GOSH!!! I loved reading this post! You spoke to my heart! My husband and I start Monday and I am terrified, I loathe everything healthy and want everything bad. But I turn 30 next month and KNOW I need to do this for myself. Thank you for putting your post out here for me to read!!! Was the meal prep hard or did it become easier as you went with it? I am not a cook at all, and anything instant (I bought an instant pot for this reason) is my favorite kind of food. I wish I could just hug you, I loved reading this!!!!!!

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