Teeth for Two (A Story of Kids, Orthodontia, and Invisalign)

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Invisalign. All opinions and stories of toddler overbites are 100% my own.

When Jack was four and Claire barely two-years-old, I took them to the dentist for the first time. Jack had some x-rays taken of his mouth, and the dentist looked them over as Claire reclined in the orange, child-sized dental chair that was still much too big, waiting her turn as patiently as any two-year-old has ever waited for a tooth exam.

“Well,” mused the dentist, flipping through Jack’s x-rays on his monitor. “You have some serious orthodontia bills ahead. Start saving!” I scrunched up my eyebrows. I didn’t want to hear that.

He chuckled (that kind of stuff is funny to dentists, I suppose) and turned his attention on Claire, peering up at me not two seconds after he told her to open her mouth and say, “Aaaah!”

“Make that TWICE the orthodontia bills,” he said, and went back to his exam.

“You can tell at this age that they’ll need braces?” I asked, a little bit befuddled by his confidence and quick diagnosis. I mean, they were only FOUR and TWO…and we didn’t even have x-rays of Claire’s mouth to see what her adult teeth looked like.

“Oh yeah,” he assured me. “Jack’s adult teeth are all nearly sideways, and Claire has quite an overbite that will need to be corrected.”

:::SIGH::: <<< That is the sound of me racking up the prices of orthodontia bills in my head.

Invisalign Smiles

How could these sweet smiles ever need to be corrected, right?

So. Knowing that we will be forking out some dough to get these pretty little smiles looking their best, I was genuinely excited to go to an Invisalign event in Dallas to learn more. I am going to share a few things I learned about Invisalign.

First…what is Invisalign

Invisalign is a cost-effective way to straighten teeth and correct bite issues (even severe bite issues!). Invisalign Teen is the Invisalign product designed for teens (and before I know it, I’ll have two of those…). Invisalign Teen clear aligners straighten teeth, are removable, and are just as effective as traditional wire and bracket braces. 

A common myth about Invisalign (one that I thought was fact until learning otherwise) is that Invisalign can’t treat severe bite issues. NOT TRUE! Invisalign can treat severe bite issues…which means it will be an option for Claire. 

Because there are no wires and brackets, it’s an ideal option for kids who play sports or are super active.


How long does Invisalign take to work?

I thought it might take longer for Invisalign to work than traditional braces, but the treatment time is actually comparable to braces (about 12 months for adults, and varies for teens depending on the severity of the case).

How much does Invisalign Cost?

Another myth I had set straight: the cost of Invisalign. I thought it would be super expensive. The reality is, the cost of Invisalign is comparable to the cost of regular braces. Many dental plans cover it just as they would cover traditional orthodontia, AND it’s a Flexible Spending Account / Health Savings Account-eligible expense (which means you can pay for it with pre-tax dollars, which reminds me…did you know I was an insurance broker in a past life? FSAs and HSAs are awesome). 

Check out the Invisalign Cost Calculator to get an estimate for the cost of Invisalign braces. Braces aren’t cheap, no matter how you look at it. But if I’m going to spend the money anyway, I’d rather have my kids in Invisalign.

How do I find a doctor that specializes in Invisalign?

You can find Invisalign providers here.

There will come a time, sooner than later, when I have kids who need braces. I wouldn’t say I’m excited about both of my kids needing braces, but I am definitely excited to have Invisalign as an option.

And I’m REALLY excited that one of you might win your own free Invisalign or Invisalign Teen treatment! You can enter below:

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Also, be sure to connect with Invisalign here:

Do you have any experience with Invisalign? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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