Breastfeeding Resources for New Moms

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Last week was World Breastfeeding Week. For the last several years, I’ve meant to write a post full of breastfeeding resources for new moms who might be struggling with breastfeeding, and every year World Breastfeeding Week comes and goes and I don’t get my post written. Kind of like this year

I think it’s great that we have World Breastfeeding Week. But I think it’s also important that we have access to support, factual information (in case you haven’t noticed, people get CRAAAAZY when it comes to boobies and babies, for better and for worse) and breastfeeding help year-round. There are a lot of fabulous websites and blog posts out there that can help provide a new mom with the support she needs. As a mom who struggled (a LOT) with nursing her first child, I found these online communities to be instrumental to my success with nursing two babies into toddlerhood. 

But first, a quick breastfeeding story for you all. 


Baby Claire

When I was pregnant with Jack and people asked me if I was going to nurse my baby (which people will ask), I was indifferent. I didn’t see nursing as the be-all, end-all of motherhood, and to be honest, I didn’t really care one way or the other if my baby was going to be breastfed or bottle-fed. I knew that breastfeeding was a “better” choice for my baby, but I just told people, “I’m going to try and see if it works for us and go from there.”

Fast-forward to the cold December day when my water broke. I held my newborn and looked into his eyes and my maternal instincts kicked in. All of a sudden, breastfeeding became very, very important to me. So important, in fact, that I refused to feed my baby any other way despite severe latch issues and almost non-stop pain for two entire months. Without the support of my husband, a lactation consultant, and an on-line parenting forum, I probably would have quit. But I didn’t. Somehow, I made it through those two months.

One morning, as I nursed my super-needy, fussy infant, I realized that I wasn’t in pain. Miraculously, he had corrected his latch, and from that point forward, nursing was “normal” for us. That’s not to say it was always easy, and that we didn’t have our setbacks…but it was easy enough that I was so, so glad I had stuck out those tough first months.

Claire was born under very different circumstances (naturally, at a birthing center). She latched on right after she was born and nursed like a champ.

I nursed both kids until they were 19-months-old, which basically makes me a hippie in these parts (not that there’s anything wrong with being a hippie!). It’s one of the things I am proudest of…it was hard, but it was beautiful. I didn’t always like it, but I love that I did it. At the end of the day, it was the right choice for me and for my kids.

You know what, though? Breastfeeding is NOT the perfect choice or the perfect experience for everyone, and that is totally okay. I will do everything in my power to support nursing mothers, because I have been there and I know what it’s like and how hard it can be.

But if you don’t nurse your kids? Or if you only nurse them for a few months, a few weeks, a few days? I support you, too. One thing I have learned about parenting is that we are all doing the best that we can with what we’ve got. You don’t need to breastfeed to be a good mom

But enough of my ramblings! If you are looking for breastfeeding help, I hope that one of the resources below will give you what you need.

Breastfeeding Help Websites with Breastfeeding Help and Information

Social Media Accounts to Follow (if you’re the only one you know nursing a baby, these accounts will remind you that you’re not alone!)

Helpful Blog Posts from Moms Who Have Been There/Done That!

Handy Nursing Products that I Loved (affiliate links)

 What were/are your favorite places to get breastfeeding help? Did I miss any fabulous resources I need to include?

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    I was pretty insistent on breast feeding, and we definitely had some issues in the early months. I’m so glad we were able to get passed them, if only because babies are expensive enough and I can’t imagine also having to pay for formula! I think SAHM/WAHMs are at a real advantage; pumping is HARD, and if you really look at the actual mechanics of breast feeding it’s not a surprise that many mamas struggle to make it to a year. Now at 8 months we are in a groove and for me it’s possibly the easiest part of motherhood… but I am planning to wean at 12 months. I almost feel bad saying that and I might feel differently when the time comes, but I really, really want to be able to take good allergy meds again!
    Julia recently posted…Adventures in Baby FoodMy Profile

    • says

      There is no doubt that SAHM/WAHMs have an advantage…you are so right. I could not imagine pumping and keeping up nursing if I were working outside of the home full-time. I know moms do it, but our society certainly isn’t set up to help them succeed.

      My doctor told me that I could take the good allergy meds when I was nursing, but that they might dry up my supply. I waited until both kids were a year old before I started taking the good stuff, just because I was worried it might dry me up (it didn’t, but I understand that it can for some women). I agree that nursing becomes the “easy” part after awhile…congrats on getting this far and going as long as you decide to go!

    • says

      So exciting!! <3 I definitely wish I’d had a lactation consultant on speed dial with my first…if I could recommend one thing, it’s that you find a local lactation consultant and have their number ready in case you need them (if you are planning on breastfeeding). It was SO helpful to have that support, but when you’re sleep-deprived and hormonal and all that good stuff, it can be hard to even find someone.

  2. says

    This list and the whole post is so helpful! I am a nursing mother of a 9 month old. I too was a frequent visitor to kellymom early on. And also like you, and probably a lot of first time mothers out there, I did not know how important breastfeeding would be to me until my son was born. After that, it is so very stressful, things go so fast, and it seemed like so many people were insistent that we needed to use formula until I had “figured things out”. New mothers absolutely need more positive reinforcement from those of us who have been there, and have had troubles. I wrote a post with my somewhat similar experience a few months ago. Anyway, thank you for posting and I hope it helps a lot of ladies out there!

    • says

      I hope so, too! I don’t know what it would have been like without Kellymom and my virtual mom “friends” – they were amazing.

      Good job on nursing your little one! <3

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