What Happens in Waco, Doesn’t Stay in Waco

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WHEW! What. A. Week. Busy, busy, busy, and in the best ways possible. I’ve been doing what I love, and I’ve got some exciting things to announce that I hope *you* might be excited about, too.

I’ll start with some news for my local friends (but if you’re not local, keep reading – there’s stuff for you, too). 

Waco Starbucks

Green Tea Lemonade, my favorite planner, and my editorial calendar for 2015 mostly done…WINNING.

Starting in September, I’ll be teaching a blogging class at the Wylie Rec Center. If you’re in the north Dallas area and want to start a blog, this class is for you. Cheap ($20), short (an hour-and-a-half), and full of information, it’s designed to help newbie bloggers, people-who-want-to-be-bloggers-but-don’t-know-where-to-start, and small businesses get off on the right foot with a blog and social media presence. The class starts in September, and there are several dates and times I’ll be teaching it over the next few months.

This class is called Blogging Basics, and my goal is to help you set up the foundation for a succesful blog, regardless of what your goals might be (I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons the hard way – my plan is to get you started off on the right foot from the very beginning!).

You can sign up here. If you’re not local, but a Quick-Start Blogging Basics class sounds interesting, let me know…I may do a webinar if there’s enough interest.

This leads into my next new endeavor, which is consulting. I’m putting together packages now, but I’ll be available for consulting/coaching for new bloggers, bloggers who want to monetize, and small businesses looking to add blogs and social media to their business plans. Let me know if you want to be first on my list! And of course, you can always join The Blogging Bunch Facebook Group for tons of free support and information (truly, don’t be shy…we’d love to have you)!

And THAT brings us into this last weekend, which I spent in Waco, TX, with my blogging buddy Sarah from Play 2 Learn with Sarah. As you may know, Sarah, Elizabeth (Rockabye Parents) and I started the The Blogging Bunch as a way to offer a safe and informative place for new bloggers to get support and have their questions answered (it’s hard to be a new blogger – so many places to find information, so many people who don’t want to help…we wanted to make it easy!). 

We wanted to spend a weekend pounding out ideas and forming plans and preparing for the next year or so. We also wanted to drink some wine and get pedicures and sleep in big beds without any children crawling in to join us in the wee hours of the morning, and you know what? We succeeded at ALL OF OUR GOALS. Especially the drinking wine one.

Waco Wine

Wine on a nice summer evening, while planning Something Amazing? Yes, please.

Starting in October, we’ll be launching our online blogging class. Four weeks long and with lots of material to learn (and homework, too, but it will be fun), this class is designed for the newbie blogger or hobby blogger looking to monetize. We’re starting small and will only offer the class to 5 participants, but we’ll open it up in January to a larger group.

Email me if you want to get priority enrollment (and take advantage of the cheaper introductory rate – we’ll be upping the price when we restart the class in January).

But that’s not all! I feel like an infomercial here, but I’m going to keep going anyway.

Sarah and I had an insanely productive and rejuvenating weekend. It was nice to sit down with someone like-minded, bounce ideas off of each other, enjoy some girl time, and walk away with concrete goals, action items, and methods for meeting our goals. We thought, Everyone needs this in their lives! Coincidentally, Sarah is one of those super productive people you want in your life – she has all kinds of tips on how to be efficient and GET STUFF DONE. She has a website called Develop Your Influence for bloggers and people in direct sales to help jumpstart your productivity and efficiency. You can sign up for her newsletter (with tons of tips) here.

And so (drumroll please!), next summer we’ll be hosting a Blogging Retreat. Date is undecided, but we do know it will be in Texas because everyone deserves to know what Texas is like in the middle of summer, right?! Stay tuned for more on that…it will be a small group and big fun. 

If you or a friend might be interested in any of this, I’d be so grateful if you spread the word. 

Blogging for everyone! :)

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  1. says

    This is great! My parents live in Sachse and with that area growing the way it is you should be able to get a good size group. I live in McKinney. Hopefully you can teach them how not to break there site like I just did. Hoping to have mine back up soon. Spent 2 weeks redoing everything on it and just was getting it where I wanted
    Nicki Lewis recently posted…Tuned in Thursday #11My Profile

    • says

      I’m hopeful I get some people to show up, but not hopeful I can teach them not to break their sites! lol. Web design is not my thing. Also, I love McKinney!

  2. says

    COUNT ME IN!!!! Well, for the September thing, at least. And maybe even that Blogging Retreat, depending on when we are moving. Anything to get me away from in-laws when we vacation in Houston would AWESOME!!!! Is this enough notice for the September thing, or do I need to email you or something?
    JenEverAfter recently posted…Santa Lucia: An Escape From The CityMy Profile

      • says

        Grrrl!! You know I already saw that on your Facebook feed, and I was, all, WHAAAAAT!?!?!??? I’m already signed up for a couple other things leading up to the October class, so my master plan is to do the Blog Focus class first, and then hopefully do some of your coaching after that. Although, now that I think about it, it’ll be Christmas time, so maybe in January. Although, now that I doubly think about it, I’m a disaster at Christmas time and probably need the coaching MORE!!! Either way, it’ll be after we’re through with Blog Focus. I’m really excited you are offering this, though, because I have felt for a while now that I really needed help and a coach and somebody to kind of be my cheerleader (even if I’m paying you to do it!) because my husband is not the most supportive. I mean, he is… and he isn’t. He is if it doesn’t cut into “his” time – maybe that makes more sense. Maybe it doesn’t! In any case SUPER EXCITED!!!
        JenEverAfter recently posted…Santa Lucia: An Escape From The CityMy Profile

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