Zarbee’s Naturals Shares Tips for Getting Kids to Sleep (Take That, Daylight Saving Time!)

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Daylight Saving Time is killing me!

Sure, the extra hour of light in the evening is awesome for playing outside and going to the park, but the rest of it? No thanks. This last week has looked an awful lot like this (for some perspective, this photo was taken around 4PM…well past the threshold for naptime!):

Zarbee's Sleeping Toddler

Late afternoon naps on the floor? No thank you!

The part where the kids stay up later (because it’s still light!) and get up earlier (because that’s what they do!) is for the birds. It’s been nearly a week now, and I’m *still* confused about what time of day it is, so I can’t blame them, but oh, how I wish it were easier to reset everyone’s internal clocks to coincide with the new time!

I’m not shy about getting a little extra help when I need it, and Zarbee’s Naturals Sleep and Children’s Sleep products are available for just that – help! Not only do they make all-natural sleep aids for children 3+ and adults (melatonin FOR THE WIN!), but they have a ton of helpful information about sleep on their website, too.

Sleep has been an ongoing battle in our household, and I’d be lying if I said I was the Queen of Routine. Our bedtime routine is haphazard at best. Sometimes we watch a movie before bed, sometimes we go to bed early, sometimes we stay up late…we’re not super consistent about anything when it comes to bedtime. According to Dr. Zak Zarbock, who created Zarbee’s Naturals because he wanted all-natural, safe, and effective treatments for his own children when they were ill, a consistent routine is key to teaching children how to fall asleep.

You can see more of Dr. Zarbock’s tips here (it’s #SleepWeek over at Zarbee’s Naturals, and they’ve got lots of sleep info for you!). I realized, after reading through his tips, that I’ve got two things to work on: consistency, and shutting off the TV (and all other electronics) before bedtime. I’m also going to make an effort to feed my kids better pre-bedtime foods…I didn’t realize the impact evening snacking could have on their sleep.


Getting everyone to sleep at night is a pretty intense undertaking (although I should give credit where credit is due…after five years of insanely difficult get-to-sleep-ness from Jack, he now passes out like a dream and sleeps all night in his own bed). We’ve started working on getting Claire to stay in her own bed all night. Basically, every night before bed I bribe her with the promise of a new bottle and a bouncy seat for her baby doll if she will sleep in her own room. Then, sometime in the middle of the night, she crawls in bed with us and I am too tired to move her.

I found the cute little sleep chart below at the Zarbee’s site…I’m putting it to use TONIGHT! You can get your own free printable here.

Free Printable Sleep Chart


I’ve got some things to work on as we improve our sleep routines, that’s for sure. But for instances like these…when the clocks change, or we have a bunch of company from out of town and the kids are up late, or when we travel…it’s nice to have something in your back pocket to help reset everyone’s sleep schedules. For YEARS, my sister-in-laws (both of them) have recommended Melatonin as an all-natural sleep aid. After having family in town and letting the kids stay up way too late for nearly a week, I finally tried some Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep with my oldest (this is designed for kids 3+). One little Melatonin pill and he was Out. Like. A Light.


You can get $1.50 off your purchase of Zarbee’s Naturals sleep products by using the code zarbeessleep at checkout. All orders over $10 ship for free!

Also, Zarbee’s is sharing sleep tips on their Facebook page and Twitter account, so be sure to  connect with them there!

What is your bedtime routine like? 


  1. Bedtime has always been tough on us since we are a family of night owls. As a family, we eat dinner at 7 when my husband comes home from work, and my tot has bedtime at 10. We have tried, and failed putting him down earlier, to no avail.
    Renee @ CreativeMamaMessyHouse recently posted…Perfect Chewy Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

    • I am a night owl, too, and that doesn’t help any! When I was working full-time, my boss (a mother of a young child at the time) got home late and I remember her daughter had a late bedtime, too, because it’s so important to get in that evening time with the kiddos if you can! Whatever works!

  2. Oh wow- that infographic is really helpful – looks like our nightime routine may need a little tweaking too! Plus- that pic of your darling baby girl is so precious! I guess she is getting good sleep even if no one else is! lol.
    Shannon Schmid recently posted…Tips for going to SXSWMy Profile

  3. LOVE that printable! I am terrible with routines, and we have a knock-down, drag-out fight at bedtime every night. It’s awful. This is great info, and I can’t wait to implement it with my family!
    Arena recently posted…Homemade Frozen Yogurt Waffle Bowls Inspired By Disney’s FROZENMy Profile

  4. It’s such a struggle! We bribe them with getting into bed and then fight for an hour to get them to stay there. But they’ve finally reached the point where they stay…mostly. Although my now 4 yr old was in bed with us almost every night at 3am from 3yrs old to 4! Luckily Maddi can’t get out of her crib yet!
    Sarah @ Play 2 Learn with Sarah recently posted…Kids in the Kitchen: Gluten Free Snack MixMy Profile

  5. I always wondered how this works – thanks for sharing!
    Heather recently posted…Catch the Moment 365 – Week TenMy Profile

  6. I’m one of those lucky moms who doesn’t really have trouble with my kids sleeping, I guess they just love to sleep as much as their parents do! :) However, I am sending this information to my sister who has been struggling with getting her 3 year old to sleep, it is a constant battle and wearing her out and this just might be what helps her keep her sanity during this transition.
    Mariah Leeson (@Giggles_Galore) recently posted…RAOK Lucky Lottery TicketsMy Profile

    • I don’t want to hear it! LOL…actually I am very happy for you, I wouldn’t wish troublesome sleepers on anyone! I will say that my five-year-old is a *way* better sleeper now than he was as a baby, but it’s been tough! I hope your sister is able to find something to help her out!

  7. I LOVE that graphic! It sounds like we are a lot alike! and man, lack of sleep is NO JOKE when it comes to babies. I’m totally pinning this and sharing it with some friends.
    Georgia recently posted…Perfect Pumpkin BreadMy Profile

    • Thanks for pinning Georgia! Yeah…the whole sleep thing COMPLETELY THREW ME FOR A LOOP when my son was born. Luckily I was a little bit more prepared the second time around, but…holy cow. Sleep deprivation is brutal!

  8. Our routine isn’t bad, but it could be a lot better. It doesn’t help that when we get home from daycare and have dinner it’s often less than 2 hours until bed time! I had no idea that you should give your kids a night snack either. I thought you weren’t supposed to eat after dinner time. I need to look into that more!
    Elizabeth (Rock-A-Bye Parents) recently posted…Parenting Pointers Linky Party #19My Profile

  9. I love our bedtime routine! Books, songs, snuggles, then bed…although I will say, my husband getting book lights for the kids for Christmas this year has allowed them to stay up WAY later than they used to!!
    future.flying.saucers recently posted…I’m More Stressed Out Than YouMy Profile

  10. Daylights Savings time has been a bugger this time around. My kids are struggling to sleep, and I am beat and need that time at night to do well…you know…mom stuff! I will give this a try. Does it contain honey? I haven’t introduced that to my 2 year old yet..but so glad to hear there are sleep products for kids!
    Kristen recently posted…UPDATE Chicken Nugget Experiment!My Profile

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