Weight Watchers Update: Week 4

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It’s official. I have an entire month of dieting behind me. 

This is actually kind of a Big Deal. I don’t remember the last time I stuck with a diet for more than a couple of weeks (hence the extra 40-or-so pounds hanging around). So to make it four whole weeks…and have a loss each week (no matter how small!) is kind of awesome.

Weight Watchers Progress Report Week 4

So, remember last week when I said that I ate ALL THE FOOD? And I confessed about the Apple Jacks and then rallied on with cries of, “Tomorrow is a new day!”? Well…it turned out that “tomorrow” was much of the same, and by the end of Tuesday night my sugar bender had me in the dumps and ready to quit because THERE ARE NO ROUTINE SUGAR BENDERS ON DIETS.

On Wednesday I woke up and somehow managed to get it together. 

I tracked points like I had never tracked points before. 

I made wise choices and feasted on things like oatmeal and green smooties worth only two points each. I wrote down every.little.thing I ate.

And then last night…on Sunday, the day before weigh-in, I told Charles that I would go to the meeting on Monday but that I wouldn’t be weighing in. That I’d use my “free pass” and just attend to get refocused and find my motivation. 

He gave me a hard time. I whined. I protested. I told him he “didn’t understand what it felt like to be bloated.” I was determined not to get on that scale.

I woke up this morning realizing that I was ridiculous. That a gain would be well-deserved after the binge eating from earlier in the week, and that a loss would be well-deserved after the last four days of diligent point tracking I’d put in. So either way – I had earned whatever number that scale was going to give, and it wasn’t going to stop this diet.

I weighed in.

And I was rewarded with a .6/pound loss. Small but mighty, too – this number drops me into a new weight bracket. My entire loss – after a month of dieting – is 5.6 pounds, and most of that was lost in the first week. The little losses aren’t as exciting. But they are adding up.

I’m still in a place where five pounds doesn’t feel like much. My clothes are still too tight, my body doesn’t look any different, and I don’t really notice the lost weight. But I’m hoping to feel a difference in a few more pounds.

Just keep me away from the Apple Jacks.

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  1. Lea says

    Congratulations on 4 weeks of sticking with it! :) And 5.6 weight loss! I think what you did is great, getting right back on the wagon after you’re sugar fall off. I’ve done it before too and just tell myself it’s OK and just straighten up and fly right again, ASAP. I learned not to beat myself up over a day of mistakes/sloppy eating. That kind of self talk never helped me anyway. One moment, day, week of lost will power (or dinner out with friends, etc.) doesn’t have to ruin the whole thing. It’s just a little detour.

    • says

      Thank you!!

      You’re totally right…it’s super important to stay positive and not put too much energy into one bad eating day. This week is going to be better!

      • Lea says

        :) You go girl! When I know ahead of time that I’ll be eating something I shouldn’t (eating at a meal at a friend’s home, holiday feasts and temptations, etc.) I plan around it by eating more greens, smoothies and healthy foods ahead of time (lots of water too.) It helps me to eat smaller portions. I walk in the mornings between 1.6 and 5 miles – usually in the 2 or 2 1/2 mile range. IF I have time and know I’ll be eating out or meeting with temptations soon I try to fit in another mile on the days before and after. It isn’t always possible but as soon as it is I’m on it.

    • says

      Honestly, today was kind of bad, too…but tomorrow’s a fresh start and there are no more Apple Jacks in this house…so I should be good! :)

  2. says

    That’s awesome! A bold move to be so out there with the subject we all steer clear of. Congrats on the lost and a great post. Apple Jacks, huh? Anything chocolate for me. :(
    Laurie recently posted…MovingMy Profile

    • says

      Oh, chocolate too. And chocolate is easy to come by around here!

      If I were REALLY brave I’d post before, during, and after pictures…but then I’d have to enlist in my husband’s help for photos and that would probably be more work than it’s worth!

  3. Deedra Scherm says

    5.6 pounds!???!!! Do you know how hard it is to loose that much??!?!? REALLY hard!!!! Waaaaaay tooooooo gooooooo!!!!!!!

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