Spring “Break”

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Sping Break is only fun for one group of people: students.

If you’re not a student, it’s not really all that great.  Unless maybe you’re a teacher.

If you’re a parent of a student, it’s actually a bit stressful. And I imagine it can be really stressful for parents who work out of the home and have school-age children, because you still need to work but someone needs to be around to watch the kids. So this last week, with the kids home allll day and no exciting trips or activities planned, it felt a little bit…cramped around here.

It looked a lot like this:


Claire watching Frozen. Again.

Basically, a whole lot like the rest of the year. 

I learned, the hard way, that Spring Break means that every other activity your child participates in is going to be closed, too. Not only are they home all week, but soccer games and ballet class are on hold, too. Which is reallllly fun to explain to your child after you wake her up from a nap to get to ballet on time and then arrive at the studio to see a big “We are closed for Spring Break” sign on the front door. Mmm-hmm. Really fun to explain to an irate toddler.

Angry Ballerina

This is actually an old picture, but it felt really appropriate here!

And then of course, we spent hours (and I do mean HOURS) doing some serious spring cleaning, and a few days later, you know what? You can’t even tell. It’s like we never cleaned.

On Monday, my desk was a spotless creativity-breeding expanse of antique wood. Last night? It looked like this:

Messy Desk

At least it’s a mostly-cute mess?

There was one fabulous, cannot-be-ignored event that took place on Saturday and has already changed my blogging life. 

Back in November, I bought a Groupon for a DSLR class (if you’re local, it’s through Beaux Arts Photography). Yesterday, I finally took my class, and it was SO WORTH EVERY PENNY. The kids (and husband) were asleep when I got home from the class so I employed Snoopy as my willing guinea pig. I still have some work to do, but here’s a shot I got using my new “tricks”:

Snoopy the Dog

He looks like a well-behaved young canine here. Don’t let the picture deceive you! ;)

I’ve known for a year or so that I really needed to take this class, but I kept putting it off. I already have so much going on, I just wasn’t sure I was ready to bring on anything new. And honestly? Photography, and the technical aspects of it all, and my gigantic camera, are all very intimidating. It’s easier to just take a bunch of photos and hope I get one I can edit to where it’s usable in PicMonkey. But as soon as I took this class, and came home and played around a bit with real subjects, I realized how desperately my blog (and the gallery wall I hope to fill with family photos) needed it. 

Local or not, I highly recommend a photography class if you want better photos.

And that, my friends, was my Spring “Break.”

How was yours?

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  1. says

    Spring break would have been good for this teacher except I got le gastro from one of my students. Ruined a bunch of plans I had. Not a crazy fun spring break. On the up side I look skinny now! ; )
    Hata Trbonja recently posted…Gift From a StudentMy Profile

    • says

      When I lived in California and was going to school, Spring Break always fell on the week before or the week after Easter. I’m not sure what the logic is for sheduling it here.

      I actually took this photo before I had taken the class, but used some of the editing techniques we learned in the class to go back and edit this picture. It is TOTALLY worth taking a class. I’ve been using my camera more lately and getting a lot better shots than I used to. It’s a little less hit-or-miss and I’m already getting ready to find some more classes!

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