Muppets Most Wanted and a Lipton Coupon #BeMoreTea

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My kids are young, and not amazing when it comes to sitting still for long periods of time, but we still love going to the movies as a family! And we are really excited about the next family movie we plan on seeing – Muppets Most Wanted! Who doesn’t love watching the romance blossom between Kermit and Miss Piggy, right?!

Muppets Most Wanted

And who doesn’t love tea?

True story: I go through 8-12 Lipton black tea bags a day. A DAY. I start my morning off with a giant vat of iced tea and I pretty much keep it by my side until around 1:00 PM, at which time I cut myself off for the rest of the day or risk lying in bed all night slowly wearing off my buzz. Tea is a ritual in this house…it makes me happier, it makes me nicer, it even makes me more productive.

I Like Tea #BeMoreTea

Not a prop for a photo shoot. This is actually how I start my mornings. Every. Single. One.

So – what could be more fun than watching a funny Muppet video and then getting a coupon for Lipton tea products? Watch this super cute minute-long video of Kermit navigating a city full of Animals while drinking tea (#BeMoreTea – love it!) and you will get:

  • a coupon for $.50 off Lipton products (BOOM), available at Target
  • a serious laugh…it’s so cute
  • one minute of utter entertainment for your kids – they will love this and ask to watch it over and over again
Lipton Coupon

Click the image above to see Kermit the Frog drink some tea. Funny stuff, I tell you.

You can click here to watch the Muppets Most Wanted video and claim your Lipton coupon. After watching the video, you can also enter to win one of 10 daily pairs of movie tickets to see Muppets Most Wanted.

So much Muppet awesomeness! And as Kermit the Frog says, #BeMoreTea (yeah, he totally hashtags it!).

Are you going to see Muppets Most Wanted in theaters? 

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  1. says

    Haha, when my husband and I went to NY (many years ago, before we had kids) we went to see the Muppet Show. Everyone thought we were a bit strange, not having kids and all. But it was great. Sadly I expect the competition doesn’t include flights from Spain1
    Snotty Noses recently posted…Another outbreak of measlesMy Profile

    • says

      Well I make iced tea, so that makes me feel a little less weird about the excessive amount of tea bags…lol! But yeah…there is some teeth chattering if I don’t cut myself off!

  2. says

    I enjoy my iced tea in the summer. I just got a 2 quart pitcher to upgrade from my 1 quart pitcher so I could make bigger batches of iced tea!
    I don’t know if we will see the Muppet movie in theaters or wait until it comes out to rent. My youngest just turned 2, so I don’t know if he would have the attention span to sit still for that long.
    Renee @ CreativeMamaMessyHouse recently posted…Happy Spring! My favorite sights, sounds, and smells of springMy Profile

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